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The Path Analysis Of The Influence Of Civil Servant Leadership-Member Exchange On Working Pressure

Posted on:2018-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330512989409Subject:Public Organization and Human Resource Management
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With the improvement of public demand for living standards,the problem of pressure has gradually become the focus of the development of people's livelihood,people not only the pursuit of good health but also want to have a relaxed and pleasant living and working environment,so the pressure of the study gradually into the public eye,Groups in different environments in a variety of pressure sources,for civil servants,bear the national policy communicators,performers and other roles,on behalf of the national image,is the bridge between the state and the people,and face many years The problem of internal turnover and job burnout is still rising year after year.This contradiction not only affects its personal development,but also contradicts the image of public servants who seek goodwill for the people.Any organization is the organic system composed of people and the environment,the individual's cognitive ability,environmental adaptability and external conditions together lead to the emergence of civil service pressure,due to the ancient official rank system,the leadership of government departments is civil servants Interpersonal relationship in the most important part,so this article to leadership-member exchange theory as the starting point,the use of mature work stress model,the integration of civil servants emotional processing capacity,the value of the perceived value of work to further tap the formation of civil service work pressure mechanism.On the basis of the famous job demand-work control model,this paper studies the influence of leadership-working relationship on the working pressure from the individual point of view,and integrates the emotional labor factors on the basis of the working model of job demand-work control-social support Leadership exchange quality provided by the emotional identity and support of the buffer path of the pressure;in the social cognitive theory is based on the leadership of the exchange of members of the exchange of quality on the value of individual work to the degree of pressure on the buffer path.On the basis of theoretical combing,the model is established.All use of domestic and foreign mature measurement scale,with good reliability and validity.The results are as follows: First,the leadership-the quality of the exchange of members can negatively affect the work pressure,but the degree of direct impact is not very significant;secondly,the quality of the members' The model has a high degree of adaptability,in addition to the impact of work value perception on the impact of work pressure is not significant,the other paths are in addition to a strong impact,but also a better proof of emotional work in the leadership of the relationship between members and work pressure There is an intermediary role.The conclusion is to enrich the theoretical research of emotional labor,to provide a new model of action and research perspective,and from the individual point of view of sociology,psychology theory to explore the causes of civil service work pressure,with a view to the future government co-Human Resource Management.
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