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The Effect Of Leadership Style On Organizational Citizenship Behavior Of Prison Police

Posted on:2017-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Organizational Citizenship Behavior(OCB) of prion police is a kind of behavior that prison police voluntarily demonstrated and showed in workplace by has no direct or indirect relationships with formal reward system in organaziton.but it can promote the police's overall performance of extra-role behavior.Many studies have shown that OCB is positively related to relationship with organizational performance.Even it is equivalent to Contextual Performance in a certain context. Therefore, OCB of prison police can replace organizational performance to measure the effectiveness of the leadership behavior of prison management.Prison police has the dual identities. The traditonal management of prison police focuses on inner-duty behavior,which is featured by fixation of posts and staff, provision of police force, performance appraisal, promotion system of rewards and penalties,compensation management and administration.All these focus in-role behaviors.But in fact,because of the complexity of the prison administraion,the uncertainty of the education criminal correction, and the non-quantification evaluation of prison work performance,it is difficult to define responsibilities and obligations of prison police.In additon,the ongoing reform of the judicial system put forward higher and more flexible work standards to prison police. This increases the difficulty to make a definition for the duty of prison police.Only putting emphasis on in-role behaviors will avianize the OCB of the prison police by weakening the value pursuit and intrinsic motivation to safeguard social fairness and justice.Therefore, it is very necessary to enhance effectiveness of leadership behavior and organizational citizenship behavior in prison administration. How to break the traditional limitations of in-role behaviors, to stimulate the prison police to supersede the self-interests when performing.their own duties, and to proceed from the public interests and do things beneficial to organizaiton and public are the realistic issue before us.With the survey of 253 valid questionnaire data of collection from prison police,this paper conducts an empirical analysis of the influence mechanism of leadership style of prison police which affects OCB and the mediating role of leadership-member exchange(LMX). The structure of the paper is:Chapter One is an introduction,it consists of the background, purpose,significance,main contents and core concepts,methodology and technology line picture. Cahpter Two are theoretical basis and literature review, summarizing and commenting the studies on the topic in both local and abroad and putting forward the shortcomings of the present study to carry out the direction of further research. In Chapter Three, based on literature review and theoretical basis, the paper puts forward research hypothesis and theoretical model.Chapter Four are research methods and designs. In Chapter Five,the paper puts forward an empirical analysis on the prison police leadership style's influence on organizational citizenship behavior, verifying the mediating role of LMX.Chapter Six drew a series of research conclusions and puts forward countermeasures and suggestions for the improvement of prison police organization citizenship behavior.Combining theoretical analysis with empirical analysis, the main conclusions of this paper are:1. From the comparative perspective of population's demography, age, positon level and years of working of the prison work have significant effect on OCB, while gender, education, marital status, department do not.2. Transactional leadership has significant positive influence on OCB of prison police and LMX shows a complete mediation role between transactional leadership and OCB.3. Transfomational leadership has significant positive influence on organizational citizenship behavior of prison police and LMX is a partial mediation variable between transfomational leadership and organizational citizenship behavior.In order to improve organization citizenship behavior of the prison police, the paper suggested:First, based on different demographic characteristics, it strengthens classified management of the police.Second, taking advantage of transactional leadership in prison management, it vigorously promotes the strict management and strict examination of police.Third, giving full play to the advantages of transformational leadership in prison management, to adhere to the ideological guide,and to pay special attention to the police education management.Four, to improve LMX to enhance the effectiveness of the leadership style.The main contribution of this paper to use is the new sample data in prison administration to search OCB of the prison police and broaden the application of the related theory.In addition, there are some limitations in this study. First, this paper only discusses OCB of the prison police in shanghai religion,which might lead to an inevitable limits on the application of conclusion on a national scale. Due to the limitation of objective conditions,the questionnaire survey sample data in this paper is mainly from three prisons and the bureau in Shanghai Municipal Prison Administration, and it is not covering all prisons in Shanghai. As a result of sampling error,it may cause certain influence on the research conclusion. Second, this paper confirmed that LMX is a partial mediation variable between transformational leadership and OCB. Meanwhile, it is necessary to do further analysis between transformational leadership and OCB, seeing whether there are some other mediation variables or moderating variables might impact. Therefore,the hypothesis model of this paper needs to be further modified and perfected.
Keywords/Search Tags:transactional leadership, transformational leadership, prison police, organizational citizenship behavior, leader-member exchange
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