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Influence Of Leadership Behavior On Underling's Work Behavior

Posted on:2020-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330590486568Subject:Administrative Management
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Since Bass put forward the theory and measurement method of transformational and transactional leadership,the research on leadership behavior theory has become a research hotspot in behavioral organization.Most scholars 'research on this type of research mainly focuses on the enterprise field.There is little research in the field of public management.The county-level local government has a special ecology,and its main functions and operating modes are relatively large with the central government and local governments at the provincial and municipal levels.The difference.As the main body of grassroots politics in our country,the county government bears the responsibility of satisfying the social needs and realizing the administrative goals.The difference of its leadership behavior will directly affect the grass-roots staff who serve the masses and affect the ups and downs of the administrative performance of the county government.The organizational citizenship behavior of the leaders is the behavior that the subordinates voluntarily and voluntarily do outside of the completion of their own work.They are usually not recognized by the management assessment rewards and penalties,but they can promote the performance of the entire grassroots management work.Most scholars believe that there is a positive correlation between organizational citizenship behavior and organizational performance,so organizational citizenship behavior is usually regarded as an important part of measuring organizational performance.Therefore,the organizational citizenship behavior of subordinates can replace organizational performance to a certain extent,and can effectively measure leadership behavior.Grassroots civil servants are an important part of the construction of the civil service team.Because they have long been on the front line,they have assumed the responsibility of serving the masses directly,which is equivalent to the main force role in the management of government services.Therefore,the work of grass-roots civil servants directly affects the image of the grass-roots government.However,grass-roots civil servants have long fought in the front line and have to bear relatively large psychological and physical pressures,resulting in some grass-roots civil servants having burnout psychology for their careers,such as lack of passion for work,work polarization,and even early retirement.Therefore,in the work of grassroots management,in order to promote the civic behavior of grassroots subordinates,it is necessary to clarify the mechanism of the influence of leadership behavior on the civic behavior of grassroots subordinates,strengthen management,and guide norms.Combine the personal development of subordinates with the development of the department and the entire organization,and actively develop organizational citizenship that is conducive to organizational development.This paper starts from the basic level government leadership behavior,combining with the field survey questionnaire to carry out empirical research,and tries to explore the theoretical support for improving leadership behavior to enhance the civic behavior of subordinate organizations.The purpose of this paper is to explore the influence factors of leadership behavior on the civic behavior of subordinate organizations,and to further build a theoretical model based on the literature research on the theory of transformative leadership,transactional leadership,leader-member exchange,and organizational civic behavior.Try to explain the connection between the leadership behavior and the behavior of subordinate citizen organization from the perspective of leadership behavior.This study collected 291 valid data by means of questionnaire survey,and used SPSS software analysis tools to perform descriptive statistical analysis,reliability validity analysis,correlation regression analysis,and intermediary effect analysis.This paper analyzes the influence mechanism of leadership behavior on the civic behavior of subordinate organizations,proves the mediative role of leader-exchange in the civic behavior of subordinate organizations,and puts forward some suggestions for improving grass-roots management to promote the civic behavior of grass-roots staff.
Keywords/Search Tags:leadership behavior, Leadership-Member Exchange, County governments, Organizational citizenshi
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