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Study On The Multi Agent Cooperative Governance Model Of Urban Communities In Ethnic Areas

Posted on:2019-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From the 18th CPC National Congress,"accelerating the development of a social management system that includes party committee leadership,government responsibility,social coordination,public participation,and the rule of law",to the 19th National Congress proposed "Strengthening the construction of community covernance system,pushing the gravity of social governance down to the basic level,giving play to the role of social organizations,and realizing the healthy interaction of government governance,social regulation,and resident autonomy",the importance of grass-roots social governance is increasingly emphasized.In a series of important speeches,General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed that grassroots social governance is the basic unit of state governance and is a crucial link in realizing the modernization of the country,s governance system and governance capabilities.The focus of social governance must be implemented in urban and rural areas and communities.Community is the active cell of urban development,with the continuous promotion of social governance practice,the support and focus of"community" in grass-roots social governance has gradually emerged.As a systematic,basic and microscopic social governance,community governance can play its "perspective" of the great value of society.Urban community governance is related to the implementation of the Party's and the state's major policies,the vital interests of the residents,the construction of grass-roots community construction in ethnic areas and the harmony and stability of the whole country,which is an important cornerstone for consolidating the party's ruling foundation.In the development strategy of China today,the emphasis on integrated development and the promotion of comprehensive national strength have become core development priorities.Ethnic regions are an important part of the national territory.Their economic and social development generally lag behind the coastal areas,which seriously restricts the country's Overall coordinated development.This article considers the ethnic regions in the overall development of the country and considers the basic characteristics and main structure of community governance in small and medium-sized cities in ethnic areas.This will improve the effectiveness and governance of urban communities in ethnic areas,reduce regional disparities,and achieve regional coordination.It is of far-reaching significance to develop and enhance public well-being.This paper adopts a micro-study perspective and takes L city of Yanbian as a sample of the study.Through the first-hand interviews and surveys on field surveys and questionnaire surveys,and using related theories of collaborative governance,this paper specifically analyzes the basic conditions and governance status of the five urban communities in L city.From the perspective of the main structure relationship,the problems existing in the collaborative governance of urban communities in ethnic regions are summarized,and then fully learn from the experience of domestic and foreign advanced community governance,and try to put forward countermeasures and suggestions for the coordinated governance model of urban communities in ethnic regions.
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