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Study On The Post-evaluation Of Local Legislative Projects In Nanning City

Posted on:2019-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The establishment of the post evaluation system for local legislative projects plays an important role in improving the local legislative technology,optimizing the legislative procedure and improving the quality and level of the legislation.It has laid a solid foundation for the legislative organs to modify,improve and abolish the local legislative projects.According to the requirements of the post evaluation system of the existing local legislative projects in Nanning,the legal evaluation subject should adopt quantitative analysis,questionnaire and other methods.According to certain evaluation procedures and indicators,the post evaluation of the post legislative project should be carried out,and the local administration can be grasped in a more comprehensive and accurate way.In theory,the post evaluation system of legislative projects can help to improve the quality of local legislative projects in theory.However,in specific practice,there will still be inefficient or even invalid legislative items appearing,which indicates that the post evaluation system of local legislative projects exists.In a defect or system failure.In order to further explain the defects or failure of the post evaluation system of local legislative projects,the countermeasures and suggestions for improving the post evaluation mechanism of the local legislative projects in Nanning are analyzed and studied.Based on the research on the theoretical knowledge of the post evaluation of modern project management,the author takes "the supervision measures for the pre sale of commercial housing in Nanning" as an example.By means of literature research,empirical research and comparative analysis,the fundamental difference between post evaluation and post project management evaluation is found out,and the idea of reconstructing the post evaluation system of local legislative projects is put forward,which will be moved to "after the completion of the legislative project" before the starting procedure of the post evaluation system of the local legislative project in Nanning.Based on this,we extend or optimize the subjects,indicators and methods of evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Legislative Project, Management Project, Post Project Evaluation
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