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Research On Rural Revitalization And Women's Participation In The New Era

Posted on:2019-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The implementation of the strategy of revitalizing rural areas with Chinese characteristics is a major decision-making made by the Nineteenth Congress.The Central Economic Work Conference has deployed the implementation of the village rejuvenation strategy as a key task.The Central Rural Work Conference also focused on the strategy for the rejuvenation of rural areas and the general requirements of “prosperous industries,ecological livability,rural civilization,effective governance,and affluent life” to promote agriculture.Rural modernization.In recent years,Zhejiang Province has continued to promote the construction of beautiful countryside,vigorously improve the rural environment,promote the development of rural industries,speed up the integration of urban and rural areas,and new changes are taking place in rural areas,adding vitality to the country's rejuvenation and adding luster to the picture of beautiful Zhejiang.Women play an important role in rural families,and half of the current rural labor force is women,and rural women play a key role in rural revitalization.Rural revitalization has brought opportunities for the development of rural women.It also needs to face various problems and challenges,including insufficient skills,lack of attention to the ecological environment,low ideological and moral standards,insufficient political participation,low levels of education,and employment discrimination.The lack of protection of basic rights and outstanding health problems directly hindered women's enthusiasm in participating in rural revitalization.This paper presents the system and path for women's participation in rural revitalization through the experiences summarized in rural areas and women's issues in some regions and the specific requirements for the strategy for rural revitalization in the Nineteenth Congress report: At the institutional level,government agencies are required to pass legislation.Safeguard the rural women's status and give full play to their initiative,improve women's livelihood security legislation,protect their rights and interests in education,employment,social security,and medical care,and strengthen organizational development,especially the role of grassroots women's organizations;On the implementation path,we must comprehensively upgrade the quality of rural women,including their comprehensive skills,awareness of ecological civilization,ideological and moral standards,and cultural quality,and promote the implementation of women's livelihood protection.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural revitalization, beautiful rural construction, women's participation
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