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The Research Of The Way Ukraine Country Image Is Introduced By A Chinese Mass Medium And Seen By Chinese People

Posted on:2019-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Mastynska SvitlanaFull Text:PDF
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Ukraine and China are tied economically and culturally and yet there exist a number of misconceptions and stereotypes among ordinary people.Given that nowadays there is a demand for more business,travel and educational communication,there arises the need to identify the existing gap in mutual understanding and narrow it.The present study is an attempt to explore an image of Ukraine that Chinese people bear in mind.It first outlines the notion of "country image" and possible ways to measure it.Furthermore,it presents the research of Ukraine country image in the eyes of Chinese people that had two main steps:the quantitative and qualitative research of Xinhua Net headlines related to Ukraine,and the research of beliefs and stereotypes related to Ukraine.The results of the first step reveal that most news that covers Ukraine reports its foreign relationships as well as warfare and accidents.The second step presents a survey,which showed that the image of Ukraine is vague,and that it mostly differs from the one that is presented by the news medium.
Keywords/Search Tags:country image, Ukraine, China
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