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Study On The Issue Of Consultative Democracy In Villager Autonomy

Posted on:2022-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306332485894Subject:Foreign political system
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Deliberative democracy is a theoretical trend initiated by western politics on the discussion of new forms of democratic practice on the basis of the research and reflection on the problems in the development of western democratic politics in the early 1980 s.The practice of deliberative democracy in China is earlier than the research on the theory of deliberative democracy,and the practice of deliberative democracy in China can be traced back to the political consultative system in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China.However,the research on the theory and time of deliberative democracy in China's political circle began in the late 1980 s,after the establishment and development of the deliberative democracy system at the grassroots level.The research on deliberative democracy at the grass-roots level in China theoretically proves that deliberative democracy and grass-roots governance have a natural coincidence point,and deliberative democracy should become a new perspective and form to promote the development of rural grass-roots democracy.China's rural areas have a time-honored tradition of self-government and a long period of experience in carrying out villagers' self-government,which provides the soil for the construction of consultative democracy at the grass-roots level.In full respect for the rural autonomy tradition and experience on the basis of the villager autonomy system,to carry out the research and construction of deliberative democracy at the grass-roots level is the further development of democracy at the grassroots level,improve the system of villagers' autonomy,promoting the modernization of national management system and management ability in primary roots,further enhance the important link of the grass-roots management ability and management level.Firstly,this paper sorts out and comments the relevant research on villagers' autonomy,deliberative democracy and deliberative democracy in villagers' autonomy at home and abroad,compares and summarizes the core concepts of autonomy and villagers' autonomy,democracy and deliberative democracy,and summarizes and analyzes the theories of democracy,people's sovereignty and other related theories.On this basis,from the perspective of the influential elements of deliberative democracy in villager autonomy,this paper analyzes the influential elements of deliberative democracy in villager autonomy from the perspectives of politics and economy,system and norm,and culture and tradition.From the perspective of procedural optimization and structural optimization,this paper analyzes the self-efficacy and function of villagers' self-government consultation.Finally,by combing the difficulties in the development of deliberative democracy in villagers' self-government and analyzing the causes of the difficulties,this paper probes into the internal mechanism of the problems and their causes in the development of deliberative democracy in villagers' self-government.Through the analysis and summary of the successful practice experience in three different areas in China,the author hopes to find an effective way to realize consultative democracy in villager autonomy.And combined with the reality,from the party's leadership,economic conditions,cultural conditions and system conditions and other aspects of the targeted proposed to promote the further development of consultative democracy in the villagers' autonomy implementation path.The development of deliberative democracy in villager autonomy in China is developed on the basis of the difficulties encountered by villager autonomy,and its existence has historical inevitability.At present,it is of great significance to perfect the construction of deliberative democracy at the grass-roots level and introduce deliberative democracy into each link of villagers' self-governance in order to promote the standardization of democratic process,fully develop socialist democracy and promote the harmony and stability of rural society.
Keywords/Search Tags:deliberative democracy, grassroots democratic participation, rural governance
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