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Research On The Special Protection Institutions Of Chinese Financial Consumers' Rights And Interests

Posted on:2019-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Financial consumer concept is associated with financial market development and rise,compared with the general concept of consumption,financial consumption has the characteristics of abstraction,professional,risk,so consumers in the right relief face greater difficulties.There are few laws and regulations in the field of financial consumption in China,which are mainly guided by principle and have no detailed implementation rules,which leads to poor enforcement of laws.At present our country financial consumption principle,the implementation of decentralized management industries managed and supervised respectively to the rights and interests of consumer financial protection and regulatory goal there is a conflict,the effective protection of the financial consumers' actual interests work needs to be strengthened.Consumer rights and interests protection agency in China in terms of professionalism,executive force and the developed countries such as Britain and America there is certain deficiency,the rapid development of financial products that financial consumer rights and interests are violated when unable to get timely and effective relief.In view of Britain and the United States in the financial consumers' rights and interests protection,where has rich theory and practical experience,this article on the basis of the analysis of the current situation of China's financial consumer and combined with the current of mixed management trend in China,put forward in our country to set up independent rights and interests of consumer financial protection agency,a specially for financial consumers' rights and interests protection.The thesis is divided into six parts:The first part introduces enlightened specialized financial consumer rights and interests protection system in China,analyzing the academic significance and practical significance of the study to explore the research status at home and abroad,to clarify the purpose of this study and technical route.The second part for financial consumers' special protection theory analysis,from aspects of the concepts,principles.This paper introduces the theory of financial consumer protection,and introduces both Britain and America in the practical experience of the theory of financial consumer protection,for example CFPB and FCA,this paper introduces the two countries in the financial aspects of consumers' rights and interests protection,has provided a reference for our country's financial consumer protection.The third part expounds the present situation and existing problems of financial consumer rights and interests protection system in China,through the analysis of the current financial consumer protection system in our country,points out its existing problems,and illustrates the necessity in the aspect of financial consumer protection in our country faces.The fourth part is the countermeasures and suggestions for the specialization of financial consumer protection institutions in China.Based on the existing problems of the financial consumer protection in China and drawing on the successful experience of foreign countries,some specific suggestions are put forward,such as the independence of the regulatory agency,the function of the financial consumer protection agency and the conception of the establishment of the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau.The fifth part is the conclusion.Through the comparative analysis of the domestic and foreign financial consumer protection system,it is concluded that it is feasible to establish the special protection system of the financial consumer rights and interests of our country under the background of the current financial supervision reform.It is also an inevitable measure to adapt to the supervision of the mixed industry,and to better protect the rights of the financial consumer.It is important to maintain healthy development of financial market.
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