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A Case Work Intervening Study On The Integration Of The A Case Work Intervening Study On The Integration Of The Sanjiangyuan Ecological Migration Into The New Community

Posted on:2020-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330572979281Subject:Social work
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Protect the green hills of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and build a national ecological security barrier.Sanjiangyuan is the birthplace of the Yellow River and the Lancang River in the Yangtze River.It is a veritable “Chinese Water Tower”.It is the most important ecological adjustment zone in China and the main ecological barrier and recharge area of freshwater resources in China.The ecological security of the Sanjiangyuan region is directly related to the region.And even the sustainable development of the ecological environment throughout the country.In order to effectively protect the deteriorating ecological environment of the “Three Rivers”region,the Qinghai Provincial Government has implemented the policy of returning grazing to grassland since 2003.The ecological immigration project is not only a simple population relocation,but also a complex process involving the resettlement of ecological immigrant groups,coordination and resolution of relevant social security,social integration and many other aspects.In this paper,the adaptation research of Sanjiangyuan ecological immigrants mainly uses field investigation and interviews to collect data.Taking the ecological immigrants in Yushu City of Yushu Prefecture as an example,using social support theory and social adaptation theory to construct the theoretical framework of ecological immigration social adaptation,Based on the systematic analysis of the relevant research results of the predecessors,the in-depth and detailed investigation of the adaptation status of the ecological immigrant groups in the community was carried out.First of all,this paper introduces the background of the implementation of the ecological immigration project in Yushu City,the basic outline of the emigration place and immigration place of the ecological immigrants in the area.Secondly,it analyzes the basic situation of the community integration problem faced by immigrant groups in Yushu City,including the differences in values,livelihood methods,income structure,living environment,psychological and social relations.Finally,through the way of conversation,the author understands the integration of immigrant communities to community managers,community immigrants,and local residents.Investigate the community living environment and community management mode byparticipating in observation,and try to use rational emotional therapy and family structure therapy of social work profession.In other modes,from the three aspects of ecological immigration values,livelihood life,and psychology,immigration families are involved in case intervention.Using the advantage perspective theory,gradually tap the potential of the owner,actively contact the relevant display platform to solve the real life problem of the case in time,and actively guide the case to actively enter the community.Through the service intervention of the ecological immigration profession,the client basically realized the improvement of self-cognition,rationally mediates and controls his own emotions,and has a correct understanding of his living environment,surrounding individuals,and related events,and his own behavior.There have also been initial changes,the ability to take the initiative to assume family and social roles,and the willingness to actively enter the community to understand and participate in community activities.At the same time,through the theory of superiority perspective,he successfully explored the owner's own Gesar epic rap ability,and contacted the local administrative department to make the case the three divisions of the cultural department.
Keywords/Search Tags:Environmental Migration, Community Integration, Case Intervention, Structure Family Treatment
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