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Study On The Anti-rollover Model And Control Method Based On Torsionally Flexible Structure Of Tractor Semi-trailer

Posted on:2020-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330572985617Subject:Business Administration
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With the advent of the "new normal" of the economy,the continuous development of China's market economic system and the continuous activation of the vitality of the market main body,the business projects promoted by the regional government are gradually facing many new problems,which have played a bad influence in the process of social,political and economic development.In order to activate the market potential better,the government should actively adjust and change the responsibilities and operation modes of business projects in the past according to the current "new normal" economic development situation,so as to achieve the goal of transformation of investment projects and make investment projects more rational,standardized and systematic.This paper takes Z County business environment assessment as the research object.The first and second parts introduce the research background,significance,research status at home and abroad and related concepts and theoretical basis.The third part constructs Z County business environment evaluation index system.The fourth part compares and analyses the business environment of Z county.The fifth part analyses and summarizes the problems and causes of business environment of Z county.The sixth part puts forward corresponding solutions to the problems.In order to further optimize the business environment in Z County,we need to carry out the special investigation of the business environment in the whole county in combination with the action of "revitalizing research,changing work style and promoting implementation".We should adhere to the problem orientation,and focus on high-quality and efficient examination and approval services to promote the "six construction" : administrative examination and approval construction,three lists construction,project approval and record-keeping construction,leading department responsible system construction,parallel management construction and uniform.To build a fair and orderly investment environment,we should carry out four actions in depth: policy implementation,law enforcement self-examination,integrity system construction and investment access liberalization;to maintain a good business environment for a long time,we should implement the "four mechanisms" : the implementation of communication mechanism between government and enterprises,the improvement of assessment and accountability mechanism,and the implementation of error tolerance and correction mechanism for cadres.Establishing the mechanism of talent introduction and training.
Keywords/Search Tags:business environment, Z county, evaluation mechanism
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