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Study On Feasibility And Security Mechanism Of Applying PPP Mode In Beautiful Rural Construction

Posted on:2019-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330575473570Subject:Marxism in China
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Rural construction has always been a core issue that is highly valued by the Party and the Country and is a top priority for all tasks.Since the founding of New China,rural construction has experienced different period:such as,a transition period,period of mutual assistance and cooperation,period of people's communes,period of household contract responsibility system and construction of new socialist countryside.Rural construction experiences have accumulated in practice and the theory has developed in practice.In 2013,the government proposed a new target for beautiful rural construction.In the 2017 report,it also puts forward the development strategy for rural vitalization,marking a new stage for beautiful rural construction.Beautiful rural construction has become a hot topic for all walks of life.Under the existing conditions,how to achieve the goal of building a beautiful rural at an early date has become a key topic for academic research.Based on the in-depth study of the academic research results,in this paper,through the analysis of the development process of chinese rural construction and the exploration of the problems of the rural construction,we believe that the PPP(Public-Private-Partnerships)model can better solve the existence of the beautiful rural construction.The lack of construction funds,poor management and other issues.This paper focuses on the feasibility of using the PPP model in the construction of beautiful villages and how to ensure the effective use of the PPP model in the construction of beautiful countryside.The actual needs of rural construction,the maturity of PPP model related theory,the government's support for the PPP model,the successful experience of the application of domestic PPP model,and the experience of rural construction in developed countries are used to the experience of PPP model,etc.At the same time,it is an important condition for the use of the PPP model for the construction of beautiful villages to highlight the improvement of laws and regulations,standardize operating models,rational distribution of benefits,and effective supervision and management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Beautiful rural construction, PPP model, Feasibility, Security mechanism
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