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Research On Government Function In Industrial Park Construction Of Underdeveloped Areas

Posted on:2018-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330575475338Subject:Administrative Management
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In the face of the increasingly restrictive role of resource environment and elements,as well as the development trend of innovation-driven and informatization industrialization,the development of industrial agglomeration area has entered a new period of development in China.In the promotion of local economic strength and the development of industrial clusters,local governments have more dominance,which is in line with the situation of regional economic and social development.How to increase the intensity of decentralization in the process of industrial agglomeration?How to rationalize the relationship between the government,the market and the society and then firmly establish the concept of "service-oriented government" in the industrial development?These problems should be considered in the process of industrial parks construction by local government,and the economic fields carry out the supply side of the reform vigorously,the system supply reflects the transformation of government functions at the same time.With the "four"(industrialization,information,urbanization and agricultural modernization)synchronization of strategic co-ordination and the "central rise" full deployment,the industrial clusters of middle of the less developed areas have entered a new stage of quality improvement and transformation.In order to better realize the transformation of the central agricultural province to the manufacturing province and enhance the core competitiveness of the regional economy,Henan Province has made great efforts to promote the rational planning and construction of the industrial cluster and the transformation and upgrading.On the basis of the theoretical research on industrial cluster and government function.This paper chooses Henan Neihuang Ceramic Park to be the research area.Through the questionnaire survey and field visit,it found that there are many problems in the performance of the local government in the construction of the park.The paper summarizes the problems and causes,puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions for the better functioning of the local governments in the construction of industrial parks.Firstly,the article elaborates the definition,type and function of the industrial park in theory,and analyzes the functional content of the local government in the aspects of economic regulation,market supervision,social management and public service and its performance in the construction of the park.Secondly,through field visits and questionnaires,we found the government has played a good role in the economic adjustment function in the construction of the park,the functions of market supervision and social management should be strengthened and the public service functions are weak.Thirdly,the paper analyzes the main problems of the government's performance.The policy preferential policies are weak and the government and enterprises have the barriers of communication.Less government funds are used in the market supervision function,the financing of the enterprises is difficult,the innovation ability is weak,the social management function is poor,ineffective environmental remediation,lack of civic awareness cultivation and imperfect intermediary service system;public service functions of technology,personnel and other elements of inadequate protection is insufficient.On this basis,the article analyzes the causes of the problem from the aspects of management idea,system and evaluation management.Finally,the article puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions to strengthen the government's performance in the construction of the industrial park in the less developed areas.Mainly include:optimize the management system,change the management philosophy;innovation "policy concessions";reinforce the communication between government and enterprises;strengthen the construction of environmental protection system,cultivate multiple subjects and civic awareness;enhance the elements of protection and improve the supporting service system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Less-developed area, industrial park, industrial clusters, local governments, government function
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