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Research On The Functions Of Local Government In The Development Of Industrial Clusters

Posted on:2020-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330575953834Subject:Public administration
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The development of industrial clusters is an inevitable product in the process of industrialization in China.It can realize the optimal allocation of resources and the effective concentration of production factors.It is an important measure to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the region and promote the healthy and rapid development of regional economy and society.In recent years,local governments in China have paid more and more attention to the planning and development of industrial clusters,and strive to enhance the comprehensive strength and industrial competitiveness of regional economies by developing industrial clusters.A large number of industrial clusters with distinctive local characteristics have emerged,such as the Qingdao household appliance industry cluster.Yiwu hardware tools industry cluster,etc.However,compared with the world-famous industrial clusters,many industrial clusters in China still have problems such as incomplete industrial chain,weak innovation drive capability,and low overall brand value of the cluster.Local governments have functions in the development of industrial clusters and their service mechanisms are not smooth.,the concept of lag and other phenomena.Since the Third Plenary Session of the 18 th CPC Central Committee,the state has proposed to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market,to better play the role of the government and to stimulate the vitality of various markets.After the 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,China's socialist construction has entered a new era.The state has vigorously promoted the reform of“ distribution management ” and focused on promoting decentralization,transforming government functions,and innovating supervision methods.Under this new era,China Local government functions have also undergone profound changes in the development of industrial clusters.This paper comprehensively combs the development status of industrial clusters at home and abroad and the role of government functions.Based on the research on market failure theory,Porter's "diamond model" and new public service theory,there are scale negative effects and excessive competition from the development of industrial clusters.Issues such as the supply of public goods suggest that local governments should play their own role and formulate policies in the areas of land,finance,taxation,finance,and talents to promote the development of industrial clusters.Taking the development of Qingdao household appliance industry cluster as an example,this paper analyzes the role of local government functions in the development of industrial clusters,summarizes the local government's policies and practices for promoting the development of household appliance industry clusters,and addresses the development of Qingdao municipal government in the development of household appliance industry clusters.The overall planning is not in place,the supply of public goods is not uniform,and the service awareness is not high enough.It is analyzed from the aspects of management system,public service platform and service concept.Finally,based on the analysis of the effectiveness and shortcomings of Qingdao government functions in the development of home appliance industry clusters,this paper takes the Tokyo Metropolitan Appliance Industry Cluster and the Detroit Automobile Industry Cluster as examples to learn from the role of government functions in the development of foreign industrial clusters.Four aspects of government function setting,system planning and guidance,optimization of public service supply,and improvement of industrial cluster innovation drive capability are proposed.The general countermeasures for local governments to play a functional role in the development of industrial clusters are proposed.
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