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Research On Tourism Development Of Ethnic Minority Villages

Posted on:2020-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330575494707Subject:Marxism Ethnic Theory and Policy
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Ethnic minority villages contain rich natural resources and ethnic cultural resources,which are the essential conditions for the development of tourism in ethnic minority villages and an important carrier for the effective inheritance of ethnic culture.In order to better protect and carry forward the national culture,promote the development of the minority ethnic village economy,the state formulates a series of policies,including the state council issued the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" promote the development of national regions and ethnic groups with small populations planning ",the strategy of rejuvenating the country plan(2018-2022),as well as the state ethnic affairs released the minority ethnic village conservation and development planning outline(2011-2015)",etc.Therefore,according to relevant national policies,the active development of ethnic minority characteristic village tourism can not only reasonably promote the economic development of ethnic minority characteristic villages,drive the increase of local villagers' income,but also effectively protect and inherit excellent traditional ethnic culture.This study integrated use of literature method,questionnaire method,interview method and observation method,in-depth miao autonomous county of Guizhou provincial really gelao Datang village,understanding of local minority ethnic village tourism development present situation,based on the SWOT analysis framework,using sustainable development theory,the original true theory and the rural revitalization strategy as the theoretical basis,the Datang village tourism development trend analysis,think that when village internal environment of the advantage of natural resources and cultural resources and external environment of the relevant national policy support,the combination of can play advantage,to grab the opportunity,can form a favorable tourism growth lever effect;When the construction of internal environmental infrastructure and the development of ethnic culture lag behind and the authenticity and homogeneity of external environmental culture are challenged,tourism development will have corresponding limitations.Therefore,it is an effective way for ethnic minority villages to develop tourism by making full use of their advantages,reducing disadvantages and avoiding threats.The first chapter of this paper introduces the origin,research background and research significance of the topic,defines and sorts out related concepts and theories,proposes the research content,research methods and innovation points of this paper,and lays a solid foundation for the writing of this paper.The second chapter from Datang village minorityethnic village tourism resources situation,summarizes the Datang village minority ethnic village of natural resources and cultural resources,and through the questionnaire survey method,interview method and observation method,from the perspectives of different subjects understand Datang village villagers and tourists and government workers satisfaction situation to the local tourism development.The third chapter,based on the SWOT analysis framework,makes a comprehensive analysis of the advantages,disadvantages,opportunities and challenges faced by the tourism development of ethnic minority villages in Datang village by comprehensively applying the theories of authenticity,sustainable development and the rural revitalization strategy.The fourth chapter puts forward the corresponding countermeasures and Suggestions according to the problems existing in the tourism development of the minority villages in Datang village.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gelao minority culture, Ethnic minority villages, Ethnic tourism, Ethnic cultural resources
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