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Plight And Path Analysis Of The New Round Administrative Systemreform Of Local Government

Posted on:2015-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330431993713Subject:Administrative Management
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China’s reform and opening up, which includes economics, politics, society and culture, is acomprehensive transformation.Owing to the reform of market economic system goes ahead, thereform of the administrative system is imperative in order to adapt to the development of marketeconomy. At the same time, the high-speed development of economy, bringing about a series ofsocial changes, forces China’s old government structure needs to adjust constantly, and thegovernment reform has gradually changed from passive to active, which causes the change of thegovernment system of our country. Since China’s reform and opening up, China has carried outsix times the reform of administrative system, and the seventh administrative system reform isongoing. The administrative system reform of government focusing on function transformationmainly concentrated in the central government level, while local governments explore the roadspontaneously. Since the17th CPC National Congress, the local government administrativesystem reform formally on the agenda, and it has been changing for6years with good results. In2013, a new round of administrative reform put the reform of local government in a prominentposition and entered the stage of deepening. From central to local, from lean bureaucracy tostructure optimization, the reform has entered the deep waters, and local government reform isfaced with many difficulties. By clarifying and concluding on various administrative systemreform, this paper finds that a new round of local government administrative system reform has itsera characteristics: paying more attention to the reform, reform measures more refined, and thetransformation of the functions more difficult. With the development of economy and thedeepening of the reform, GDP is no longer a government performance determinant, and thedirection of the reform of local government is no longer to adapt to the market economydevelopment as the first thing and began to change. The new round of reform of local governmentis more inclined to build a scientifically functional, de-central local government, to create anInnovational management local government with efficient structure, and to found a democratic,service-oriented local government providing public participation and public service.Throughout knowing about all previous reform of administrative system, these reforms arebased on institutional reform driving system reform from the quantitative streamlining of agenciesand personnel. In the short term,the effect is remarkable, but in the long run, they still not go outof the vicious circle:"streamline-inflation-more streamline-and more inflation". For thisreason, the new round of reform of administrative system of local government should innovation path, break traditional reform model, focusing on institutional reform, take measures to controlthe establishment. and explore upper and lower linkage from the longitudinal, highlight thecharacteristics of all levels of government function;combine with transverse multi-prongedaspects,such as institutional reform and the reform of the central, functional transformation,institutions establishment reform, and the development of social organizations, finally improvethe structure of the government. At the grass-roots level local governments take measures toadjust to local conditions, do bold innovation, and highlight the local characteristics of verticaladministrative system reform model.
Keywords/Search Tags:institutional system reform, functional change, administrative reform, streamline administration and delegate power
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