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Study On Supply System Of Rural Public Goods In Demand-oriented Minority Areas

Posted on:2012-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330341451296Subject:Administrative Management
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Based on the double effect of special geographical situation and urban-rural structure of the dual role of economic discipline in minority areas, China exist long-term imbalances on supply and demand of public goods in national rural areas。It restricted the development of national areas economy and social harmony construction。It is the key of solve the problem of the vital interests of farmers。So, it should to improve the farmers'urgent necessity and services in minority rural areas。Meanwhile, it related to the national areas development and stabilize。And it is also the key to test the minority administration capacity of fundamental。Therefore, this paper based on farmers'demand for public goods。To analyses the vital interests of farmers, so that can standardized the government provide of public goods。First, paper based on the western theory of public goods。To analyses the specificity of public goods in minority rural areas, including content and epitaxial。Meanwhile, to analyses the specific demand of public goods in minority rural areas,including farmers basic survival and producing, the level of human capital improvement, cultural life improvement, and special factors。And then, paper analyses the supply situation of public goods in minority rural areas。To analyses reasons for the effective supply of public goods, from supply square and demand square。We can review imbalances on supply and demand of public goods in minority rural areas。Afterward,through empirical analysis of farmers'demand and in rural public goods, we can know farmers needs and appraise of rural public goods in current situation。Then, paper analyses the exist problems from farmers'demand preferences and government supplement。Last, papers focus on arranging demand-oriented public goods supply in minority rural areas。Such as increase the total supply of public goods in minority rural areas, better the decision-making arrangements of public goods supply, improve the supply structure, enhance the effective utilization arrangements for public funds, establish internal expression of the public product and so on。...
Keywords/Search Tags:national district, rural public goods, farmers demand, supply, supply and demand balance
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