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The Study Of The Demand And Supply Of Public Pension Service In Rural Places

Posted on:2016-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the year of 1999, our country has already entered into the rank of aging society, and become one of the developing countries which had early entered in the aging society. As the degree of aging and the speed of urbanization become more and more deep and fast, on the one hand, the number of rural elderly population become larger and larger; on the other hand, a large number of young labor force come to large cities, the traditional value concepts are been weaken. As the result, the function of traditional family supporting has been weaken. How to make up this vacancy, effectively supply rural public pension services in quantity and quality, become a new "question" confronted with the government. At present, most of rural public services are dominated by government, the government is the only center of the rural public services supply, the rural elderly people is passive to accept he services. Under this situation, the government as center, some problems such as the absence of supply, the offside of supply are come into being; the market and social organization can’t enter into the field of rural elderly pension, even if entered, their rights and responsibilities are not balanced; Community endowment is under developed; The rural elderly population has valid traditional thoughts. All these have intensified the unbalance of the rural elderly public service’s demand and supply.On the basis of defining the concept of elderly pension service, elderly public pension service, the demand and supply of elderly public pension service, and on the basis of the explanation of Multi-center theory, the writer investigate Huangjin Village, Matiqiao Village and Sanxing Village, to summary the condition of the demand and supply of rural elderly public pension service, then find out the courses, finally propose solutions.This article is divided into six parts. The first part is instruction, including the research background, research significance, the related research review, research ideas, research methods, research framework and innovation points. The second part is the theoretical tool in this paper, including elderly pension service, the elderly public pension service, the demand and supply of elderly public pension service, as well as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Multi center theory’s connotation, features and so on. The third part is the present condition description, including the demand and supply condition of elderly public service in investigated places, on the basis of the data compilation of questionnaire and depth interview to summary the type and the attribution of the demand, the method,content of supply. The forth part is the performance and attribution analysis of the imbalanced demand and supply.The fifth part is the path to solve the problem, use the Multi-center theory to built the network of the rural elderly people public pension service supply. The finally part is the conclusion, to make a summary of this article.This article make some innovation in some degree, mainly reflected in these terms:Firstly, the innovation of the study’s object. This research takes elderly public pension services in rural places, it is more targeted and specific. And then take Huangjin village, Sanxing village and Matiqiao village as example to analyze the elderly’s current life condition and summarize the existing problems, finally to propose the solutions. Secondly, The innovation of solutions. This article make use the Multi cener theory to solve the unbalance problem between the supply and demand of public pension service in rural places and to build a multi center governance net, in which the government is the center. In this system government, social voluntary organization and the market can exert the function fully. At the same time, to promote community support, thus to improve the quantity and quality of public pension service in rural places and build a diversified public pension service system in rural places.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural elderly people, public pension service, demand and supply, Multi- center theory
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