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Research On The Strategy Of Capacity Improvement In The Construction Of Community Service Supply Standardization

Posted on:2020-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y T GuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330590478935Subject:Public Administration
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Urban community is an important basic unit of social governance structure and an important carrier of urban mass life.Community party and mass service center,as the most direct public service provider,its service quality and service ability are closely related to the public service acquisition of urban residents as well as and modernization process of urban communities.The governance system of urban communities and the modernization of governance capability is an important subject that we need to pay constant attention to.At the end of 2015,Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee has promoted the strategic measures for the standardization of grassroots services and formulated the standards for community party and mass service centers.The policy required all communities in the city to set up community party and mass service centers and built community party and mass service centers in the light of the standard.The policy requirements of community public service standardization play a positive role in promoting the standardization of community service carriers,service facilities,service contents and other aspects,which is conducive to consolidating the foundation of grassroots public service organization,strengthening the supply capacity of grassroots public service,and improving the quality of public service.The improvement of public service capacity of Shenzhen Y Community was carried out under the above background.In this paper,Shenzhen Y Community is selected as the research object to study the improvement of the community's public service supply capacity and public service supply situation.Firstly,based on public service theory,standardization theory and government business process reengineering theory,this paper constructs an analysis dimension which contains service organization dimension,service procedure dimension and service information dimension to study the supply capacity of community public service.This paper designs questionnaires and survey interview outline which focuses on three aspects of service organization,service procedure and service information to investigate the supply of public services in the standardization construction of Y community party and mass service center.Secondly,we found that the supply of public services in Shenzhen Y Community has been greatly improved through the standardized construction of public services,which is reflected in the standardization of service content,linkage of service departments,simplification of service procedures and interaction of service information.However,we found that there still remains problems in the service supply of the Shenzhen Y Community Party and Mass Service Center.We further analyzes the three constraints of problems,which are service organization,service procedure and service information.Finally,the paper puts forward the optimization suggestions for improving the service supply capacity of Y Community Party and Mass Service Center from the service organization,service procedure and service information,aiming at the problems existing in the service supply process of Shenzhen Y Community Party and Mass Service Center.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community Public Service, Community Party and Mass Service Center, Service Supply Capacity, Strategy
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