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Problem And Countermeasure Analysis Of Public Service Supply In Chengdu Shenghua Community

Posted on:2021-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330626955857Subject:Public Administration
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Along with the acceleration of social urbanization pace,urban community as a basic unit of urban society,Which all aspects of construction has been rapid development,Urban community is an important place for public service construction in China,and community public service is also the core content of community construction.The public service of the urban community which is closely related with the community members,The supply level of community public service is not only directly related to the quality of life of community residents,but also reflects the quality of community governance in a country or a city.Although,we have some progress and research of the community public service in China,but in real life,there are a number of deficiencies that need to be addressed.With the improvement of people's increasing material and cultural requirements,bringing about the requirements of the social public services will also increase,so we should continuously satisfy people's demand,which is high level and diversified,we also should improve the level and quality of our country's social public service supply.This article chose a representative Internationa community-Shenghua community in the High-tech zone to conduct the deeply case studies,and summarize the advantages and difficulties of this community,and analyze the dilemma of the government functions are not clearly defined,and residents' participation enthusiasm is not high,and the safeguard mechanism is not perfect,and community workers are inadequate,through revealing through case to general,analyzing the general difficulty of the urban community public service,proposing the optimal path of supply.In this paper,the author put forword some suggestions about clearing the function boundaries of the government and the community,improving the construction of public service supply platforms,strengthening the construction of communities themselves,and promoting the diversification of supply methods,In order to do my bit to promote the sustainable and healthy development of urban community public service construction.
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