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Measure Method Of Community Resilience From The Perspective Of Water Logging Disaster Prevention

Posted on:2019-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330596460724Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In recent years,urban communities in China have experienced waterlogging frequently,and waterlogging has caused many casualties and property losses.As the basic unit of urban disaster prevention and reduction,the community emphasizes the "top-down" approach to disaster management is clearly insufficient.Therefore,in order to increase the ability of society to respond to waterlogging disasters from the basic level and effectively compensate for the limitations of the traditional top-down disaster management system,this study has introduced the concept of “resilience” which is a research hotspot for domestic and foreign scholars in recent years.The community resilience measurement method of waterlogging disasters can effectively improved the community's ability to respond to waterlogging.The main contents of this study are as follows:(1)Summarized the research status at home and abroad from two aspects: the resilient community and the prevention and control of waterlogging disasters.Through reviewing the existing research found that there are few domestic and foreign studies on the quantitative analysis of the community resilience index system,and the study of resilient community against waterlogging disasters was few.(2)Based on the theory of complex ecosystems,the author analyzes the natural-economic-social composition and operating rules of urban communities.Through making clear the mechanism of waterlogging,this paper makes clear the community's response to waterlogging disasters.(3)Based on the concept of resilience and resilient communities,this paper builds a resilient situational model for the community to deal with waterlogging,and then extracts the appropriate disaster-responsive capital for the resilient community to deal with waterlogging.(4)Combining the index system based on the community's disaster-resilient capital and the indicator system based on literature analysis designs expert survey questionnaire.Through questionnaires,the final 19 indicators constitute the community's resilience evaluation index system to prevent urban flood disasters.It includes 6 natural dimension indicators,5 economic dimension indicators,and 8 social dimension indicators.(5)This paper calculates the weight of the community resilience assessment index for prevention and control of waterlogging disasters through network analysis and entropy weight method,and puts forward the result classification and improvement ideas for evaluation indicators.(6)Selecting Jiangnan Youth City,a community that has a large influence in Nanjing in the summer of 2016,as a typical case for case analysis.And then,this paper analyzes the community's response to waterlogging,scores the community and analyzes the community's shortcomings through scoring,and make recommendations accordingly.This research provides a new research perspective for community governance and prevention and control of waterlogging.It is of great significance for improving the urban community in China in responding to waterlogging and optimizing the national disaster management system.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban community, waterlogging, community resilience, complex ecosystem, measurement
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