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Research On The Influence Of Social Capital On The Innovation Performance Of Grassroots Civil Servants

Posted on:2020-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330599453872Subject:Administrative Management
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Innovation is not only a driving force for enterprise development,but also more important for the public sector.Premier Li Keqiang mentioned a goal in the speech at the3 rd Moscow International Innovation and Development Forum that "innovative government" should be built.From this we can see that for the public sector in China,in the face of the ever-changing international situation and the ever-changing domestic situation,the public sector should also continue to innovate,and continuous reforms with the form will lead to better development.The cornerstone of innovation comes from knowledge.Organizational learning,as the process of acquiring knowledge,utilizing knowledge and creating knowledge,is the continuous driving force of innovation and the only way for the public sector to carry out reform and improvement.In the information age,the public sector must continue to increase the amount of knowledge stored through learning,and enhance its knowledge processing capabilities,thereby promoting more innovation behavior,furthermore improving public services,and enhancing the public interest.Grassroots civil servants are cross-groups in different networks of people in society.They are the link between the public sector and the people.In addition to forming social capital with family,friends and colleagues,they also deal with trading objects,partners,etc.associated with work.Establish a network of interpersonal intelligence.This part of the capital is vital to the grassroots civil servants,not only affecting the development of their personal work,but also affecting the promotion of their positions.The correct application of the social capital of the grassroots civil servants is invaluable through the acquisition of scarce resources in the social network and the maintenance of the individual and organizational integrity of the grassroots civil servants.This paper investigates the social capital and organizational learning status of grassroots civil servants in China,explores whether social capital and organizational learning affect and affects the innovation performance of grassroots civil servants,and explores the role of organizational learning in this process in light of the actual situation of the public sector.This research paper sorts out the literatures related to social capital,organizational learning and innovation performance and makes a comprehensive analysis of related literatures.Based on this,the conceptual model of this research paper is proposed andrelevant research hypotheses are proposed.In this research,social capital is divided into structural dimension,relationship dimension and cognitive dimension according to the classic dimension of social capital.The innovation performance is regarded as the whole,and the mediator of organizational learning is introduced to analyze the relationship between variables.The results show that:(1)social capital and its sub-dimensions have a significant positive impact on the innovation performance of grassroots civil servants;(2)social capital and its sub-dimensions have a positive impact on organizational learning;(3)organizational learning has a significant positive impact on the innovation performance of grassroots civil servants;(4)organizational learning plays a partial intermediary role in the innovation performance of social capital and grassroots civil servants.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social capital, Organizational learning, Grass-roots civil servants, Innovative performance
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