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Research On The Construction Of Shandong Anti-japanese Base Power

Posted on:2021-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602463497Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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The Shandong Anti-Japanese Base Regime is the only anti-Japanese democratic regime with the province as the main body in the country,and has made significant historical contributions to the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.The construction of Shandong's anti-Japanese base power has a deep historical foundation and a special era background.Before and after the full-scale anti-Japanese war,Shandong became a contest of forces of all parties,and it was not easy to seize the revolutionary power.The reconstruction of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the restoration and development of the party organizations in various places,the anti-Japanese national united front work in Shandong,the anti-Japanese armed uprising throughout the province,and the establishment of the Shandong anti-Japanese base area all prepared the conditions for the Shandong anti-Japanese base area to carry out political work.The establishment and development of the Shandong anti-Japanese base regime experienced a difficult and tortuous complex process: the creation of a regime in the "triangle struggle";the development of the regime in the fight against "sweeping" and anti-friction;the consolidation of the regime in the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan.In the Shandong Anti-Japanese Base Area,the Shandong Party Organization of the Communist Party of China adhered to a systematic perspective.The five working groups led by the political and military unions,including political,military,financial,economic,educational,and public mobilization,led the people to formulate a series of Comprehensive and multi-faceted policy measures.That is to develop democratic politics: strengthen party building;implement democratic elections and the "three-three system";govern according to law.Promoting financial and economic development in wartime: developing handicrafts and improving agricultural production;strongly supporting foreign trade,developing cooperation in the mainland;adjusting finance,and resisting counterfeit currency.Popularize the new democratic revolutionary culture:implement wartime national education;"culture obey politics",unite the people with red culture and serve the times.Development and protection of people's livelihood: rent reduction,interestreduction and capital increase,food disaster relief,refugee relief.Supporting military wars:expanding the anti-Japanese people 's armed forces and launching mass guerrilla warfare;supporting the armed forces and mobilizing them to join the army.In the process of governing,the Shandong Party Organization of the Communist Party of China has considered and grasped all aspects of construction as a whole,and used the interactive relationship between construction in different fields to promote faster and better development of political power.The construction of the regime in Shandong's anti-Japanese base area is relatively late and the environment is more complex.On the basis of drawing on the successful experience of other anti-Japanese anti-Japanese base areas,its regime construction has its own distinctive characteristics: integrity,pioneering and democratic,that is,the regime and various fields Work interacts to jointly serve the theme of the War of Resistance against Japan;the creation of a "trinity" war post will be closely connected with scattered bases;in promoting democracy,it will take the lead in attaching importance to human rights.The practice of building regimes in Shandong's anti-Japanese base areas has provided valuable experience for the administration of the country in New China: adhere to and strengthen the party's centralized and unified leadership;attach importance to the building of cadres and talents;fully mobilize the masses and widely launch mass movements;integrate the ruling resources with a united front.
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