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Study On The Problems And Countermeasures Of The Construction Of Rural Grass-roots Party Organizations

Posted on:2020-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330602961284Subject:Public administration
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The rural grass-roots party organization is the main implementation body to ensure the Party's line,principle,policy,decision-making and implementation in the rural areas,and it is the basis of all the Party's work in the rural areas.The construction of rural grassroots party organizations provides the most important organizational foundation and guarantee for us to further implement the strategy of revitalizing the rural areas,resolutely win the battle against poverty and realize the agricultural modernization.Therefore,it is necessary to further strengthen the construction of grassroots party organizations in rural areas,and ensure that the village-level party organizations can better serve the masses and serve the overall development of rural economy,society,culture and political ecology,so as to ultimately achieve the overall goal of industrial prosperity,ecological livability,rural civilization,effective governance and prosperous life.The construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era,and the work related to agriculture,rural areas and farmers is facing many difficulties and challenges,and all kinds of contradictions and problems are also in the trend of diversified development.The arduous task of poverty alleviation and the imminent well-off in an all-round way put forward higher requirements for rural grassroots party organizations to give full play to their role as battle fortresses.The construction of rural grassroots party organizations needs to adapt to the pace of The Times,focus on the outstanding problems and weak points,target,focus on breakthrough,and achieve comprehensive progress and overall excellence.But from the current point of view,most of the rural grassroots party organizations are still suffer from the inertia of thinking solidification,the tendency of virtual weakening and marginalization exists to a certain extent.Taking the A city as the sample,through analyzing the current situation of the rural grass-roots party organizations of A city,as well as the on-the-spot investigation and visit discussion,the author concludes six main problems as the pressure conduction is not in place,the quality of the rural party members is not high,and the role of the party members is weakened and so on.Finally a series of countermeasures are formed to find a general method from the typical cases,and provide some reference for the rural grass-roots party organizations in the underdeveloped areas.The overall framework of this paper consists of four parts.The first part is to study and analyze the significance of the construction of rural grass-roots party organizations in the new era,and to expound the historical experience of the Party's management of agriculture,rural areas and farmers according to the time frame.And standing in the new historical position to analyze the important position and function of the rural grass-roots party organization construction,to provide experience and theoretical support for the later demonstration.The second part mainly studies the basic situation and the achievements of the construction of the Party organization at the village level in A city.The third part summarizes the problems existing in the construction of the rural grass-roots party organizations in A city on the basis of the author's on-the-spot investigation,visiting the discussion and consulting the literature.The fourth part is mainly aimed at the related problems of A city,and puts forward the relevant solutions based on the actual situation.
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