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A Study On The Propaganda And Education Of Models In The Anti-Japanese Base Areas Of The Communist Party Of China

Posted on:2021-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The heroes in the Anti Japanese base areas are the typical examples of the times that emerged on a large scale in accordance with the historical trend of the Anti Japanese War and benefited from the shaping and cultivation of the Communist Party of China.They have the spirit of selflessness,and they persist in the value orientation of fighting for the interests of the people.They are the most admirable and lovely people.The emergence of Anti Japanese models is of great significance to the Anti Japanese War,the liberation war,the establishment of new China and the socialist modernization drive.On the one hand,propaganda and education can show the great achievements of the people's heroes,accumulate important experience of typical figures' propaganda and education,strengthen cultural self-confidence and national self-confidence.On the other hand,it is more conducive to the rich study of the cultural history of hero models and the history of the Anti Japanese war,enrich the motivation of the Anti Japanese victory,provide a new perspective for the study of the history of the world's anti fascist war,and broaden China A new way to study the history of the People's Republic of China.The outbreak of the Anti Japanese war is the direct cause of the birth of the Anti Japanese model.In the face of the war that Japanese imperialism has been planning for a long time,the Chinese people have successfully opened up the battlefield behind the enemy through the continuous establishment of the Anti Japanese base areas under the situation of continuous loss of territory and the spread of pessimism.The emergence of the hero model figures can play an important role in stabilizing people's minds and increasing morale.With the further development of the Anti Japanese War,the deeper social change brought about the political,economic and cultural changes,objectively promoted the awakening of national consciousness,and became the basic reason for the birth of the Anti Japanese model.In order to better publicize and educate the Anti Japanese model,the Communist Party of China has formed its own propaganda and education mode on the basis of learning from the revolutionary heroism of the Soviet Union,the Merit Medal system and its own experience of land revolution.In the process of propaganda and education for the Anti Japanese model,the CPC has created a complete system of model propaganda and education through continuous accumulation of experience.First of all,in order to meet the needs of the Anti Japanese War,the Communist Party of China has shaped the character pedigree of battle model,labor model,international friend,patriotic overseas Chinese,which is in line with the conditions of the times,and has a special category and level division,and then reflects the distinct characteristics of poor family background,distinct role of Party members,multiple identity characteristics and the proportion of civilian model.Secondly,in order to serve the main objectives of the Anti Japanese War,the Communist Party of China has divided three different propaganda objects for the base area,the Kuomintang controlled area and the enemy occupied area,which constitute the propaganda contents of remembering and mourning,commending bravery and fighting spirit,publicizing labor deeds and work achievements.In addition,in terms of specific forms,the Communist Party of China,combined with the experience of ancient China,the Soviet Union and the agrarian revolution,has created a form of propaganda and education characterized by commendation,press,literature and art,inscriptions and slogans,and conference movements,and then constructed an organizational basis based on the party and government propaganda and education institutions,literary and art institutions,press institutions,Party schools and training institutions The selection system and the reward system are the basis of the system,and further reflect the characteristics of the initial stage,the development stage and the rich stage of the continuous development with the Anti Japanese war.The Anti Japanese war is a national war concerning the Chinese people,in which the Anti Japanese model plays an important constructive role.With the large-scale publicity and education of the Anti Japanese model,its importance is reflected in the Anti Japanese War,the liberation war and all aspects of the reform and construction process of new China.In addition,its practical role is embodied in the exemplary role of heroes,the historical heritage of revolutionary heroism,the distinct guidance of the party's leadership,and the great power of the people.Therefore,the study of Anti Japanese model propaganda is of historical and practical significance.It has both academic and political values.It is not only an ideological baptism of the majority of young people,but also a political education of patriotism.Looking back and reviewing the hard Anti Japanese year and month,and remembering the heroes who built victory with blood and life is the constant goal of every generation,including us Direction of efforts.
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