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A Study On The Cultivation Of "Village Officials" Of College Students In X County,Anhui Province

Posted on:2020-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330605959823Subject:Public administration
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It is an important strategic decision made by the central committee of the communist party of China(CPC)to recruit college graduates to serve in villages,which is of great significance to consolidating the party's ruling foundation in rural areas,improving the structure of rural cadres at the grassroots level,cultivating reserve talents of party and government leaders,promoting the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy,and easing the employment pressure of college graduates.College students"village official" work started in 2008 in the national deployment of implementation,already past 11 years,under the correct leadership of the central,rely on all levels of various departments work together and the social from all walks of life support,college students "village official" work to promote orderly and achieved significant results,a gradually establish a high-quality,dynamic and orderly flow of the college students"village official".These years of rich practice,there are a lot of experience worth promoting,but also some work needs to be improved and improved,to build a good long-term mechanism for the cultivation of college students "village officials",from the existing training mode and the status quo of the experience is undoubtedly the implementation of the lowest cost and the most effective.Based on management theory and the theory of human resources to support and help of the existing research results,take the experience summary method,literature method,interview method,to eight group of college students "village official" in X county,anhui province as the research object,through the discussion of four chapters,the process of the training practice of X county,effect,and countermeasures are analyzed,and research.Study to do a good job in college students "village official" basic requirement is to guarantee the quality,the appropriate scale,perfect policy,strict management,improve the mechanism,the college students "village official" work as a cadre team construction and the construction of talent team a regular job,scratching real fine pays special attention to,through the construction of college students "village official" organization management system,supervise the training of college students "village official",daily management,assessment,security design,targeted to solve common problems in the process of practice,paying attention to their thoughts reflect,provide timely guidance to help,through the establishment of combined propulsion system,To mobilize the enthusiasm of all departments and the strength of all aspects,to help college students"village officials" better grow up to serve the countryside.In practice,there are still some problems of college students "village official" to cultivate,through the demonstration analysis and reasonable countermeasures and Suggestions,giving full play to the advantages of college students "village official" specialty and bear director dedication,entrepreneurial spirit,positive contribution to rural revitalization,get general recognition of the grass-roots cadres,the masses and the social from all walks of life,achieved significant results.
Keywords/Search Tags:College Students Village Officials, Training Practice, Rural Revitalization, grass-roots Party Organization Construction
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