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Research On The Application Of Teamwork On The Life Meaning Improvement Of Empty-nest Elderly

Posted on:2021-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P P HuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330611496785Subject:Social work
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In the current aging society,many empty-nest elderly people suffer from "life distress" and suicides frequently occur.Paying attention to the quality of life of the elderly and improving the meaning of life of the elderly feels people's attention.The purpose of this study is to improve the sense of life meaning of empty nest elderly people through the intervention of professional group working methods.The author takes 99 empty-nest elderly in the X community as the research object,and uses Cai Kunliang's revised sense of life scale in 2004 as the research tool to investigate.The data obtained from the survey will be used for spss20.0 software for statistical analysis,and the current status and existing problems of the empty nest elderly in X community will be analyzed based on the statistical results.Then,8 group members were selected in the form of publicity and voluntary registration in the previous period.Based on the three dimensions of self-evaluation,self-integration and self-realization in the sense of life meaning scale,the group work plan was designed,and the theme was acquaintance and understanding of life 7 activities of group activities of comprehending life,experiencing life,respecting life,cherishing life,and continuing life,to help group members find their sense of value and meaning of life.After the group activity,the effect evaluation was conducted by using the method of front-to-back comparison of 8 group members.The evaluation results show that the level of sense of life of the group members after participating in the group work is significantly higher than before the group activities,the group work can effectively improve the sense of life meaning of the empty nest elderly,and the group intervention effect is good.
Keywords/Search Tags:sense of meaning of life, team work, empty-nest elderly
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