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Research On The Incentive Mechanism Of Civil Servants In Grass-roots Governments

Posted on:2021-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330623472873Subject:Administrative Management
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The thirteenth national congress of the communist party of China explicitly proposed the establishment of a civil service system.Civil servants are administrative personnel who exercise state administrative power,maintain state order,serve the people and perform state official duties.And the most closely connected with the public are grassroots government civil servants.Grass-roots government civil servants are the most direct executor of the state administrative power and the public servants who know the needs of the masses best.Their administrative efficiency and service level also have a direct impact on the implementation of national policies and objectives.The improvement of the incentive mechanism for civil servants in grass-roots governments can not only guarantee the administrative execution ability of grass-roots civil servants,but also indirectly ensure the timely and effective implementation of government policies.In our country's civil servant system continuous improvement exploration,grassroots government civil servant incentive mechanism has made great progress,but it can not be denied that it still has a lot of room for improvement.The imperfect incentive mechanism restricts the improvement of the overall quality and capability of the civil servants.The administrative power of the state cannot be well guaranteed,the state order cannot be well maintained,the rights of the people cannot be truly protected,and national policies cannot be perfectly implemented.These shortcomings have also become the reason for the slow progress of the reform of grassroots government institutions,which has affected the process of the transformation of the functions of grassroots government under the new situation,making it difficult to meet the current needs of economic development.Therefore,it is necessary to further improve the incentive mechanism of grassroots government civil servants.In view of these problems,this paper expounds the meaning of writing and related concepts from the research background.Taking the human resources and social security bureau of y city as an example,the paper questionnaires and personalinterviews were mainly used to deeply understand the causes of conflicts.This paper analyzes the problems that may exist in the incentive mechanism of grassroots government civil servants,such as the unscientific incentive method,the imperfect promotion mechanism,the incomplete supervision system,the undemanding assessment system,the unreasonable concept and so on.These problems directly hit the work enthusiasm of grassroots government civil servants,thus affecting the implementation of national policies,reducing the service level of local governments.After that,by learning from the advanced experience at home and abroad,consulting relevant literature at home and abroad,and aiming at the actual survey results,this paper discusses the methods to improve the enthusiasm of grassroots government civil servants.This paper analyzes how to effectively improve the incentive mechanism of grassroots government civil servants,and puts forward Suggestions to improve the above problems,hoping to get a set of scientific,effective and reasonable assessment system,to ensure that the work of the government is effectively implemented under the efforts of grassroots civil servants.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grassroots government civil servants, Incentive mechanism, Promotion, Appraisal
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