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The Study On The Incentive Problem Of Grassroots Civil Servants

Posted on:2020-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330572487719Subject:Public Management
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Civil servants perform government duties,manage and serve all kinds of public affairs on behalf of the party and the government.Their professional values,work motivation,working status and ability not only determine the government's management and service level,but also greatly influence the public's evaluation of government behavior and government authority.Only 10% of civil servants in China were cadres at the county level or above.As the majority of civil servants at the grassroots level below the township level are restricted by institutional specifications and other factors,the contradiction of narrow job promotion space,limited career development and unimproved treatment is quite prominent.Therefore,how to motivate the working enthusiasm of civil servants and how to motivate them to perform their duties seriously has become an important practical problem.In the current situation,to research the problem of academic point of view to comb induction,found widely exist many problems in our country civil servants at the grass-roots level groups,such as low income,lack of identity,promotion difficulties,such as working pressure,investigate its fundamental is the incentive problem,mainly is the lack of a system,targeted incentives.This is due to in view of the civil servant incentive measures are still not perfect,incentive effect,leading to lack of work enthusiasm initiative.Under the background of the implementation of the The parallel system of civil servants' duties and grades and new revision of the "Civil Servant Law of the People's Republic of China",and based on the theory of incentive theory,this paper chooses civil servants at the grass-roots level in Tianjin as the research object,and analyzes the present situation of Tianjin grassroots civil about the servants incentive,problems and reasons,and puts forward suggestions to perfect the current system and the countermeasures of perfecting our country's incentive mechanism of civil servants at the grass-roots level by the methods of questionnaire.Firstly,summarizing the research results of civil servant motivation and then choose the methodology of this paper to further decide the study framework.Secondly,this paper explains the relevant concepts of the incentive mechanism for grassroots civil servants,and combines the theory of human nature hypothesis and equity theory to provide a basis for the effective construction of the incentive mechanism for grassroots civil servants.Again,on the basis of defining the concept of grassroots civil servants' incentive,this paper discusses the basic situation of grassroots civil servants in Tianjin and the design of questionnaire survey,and then analyzes the questionnaire results from various aspects of grassroots civil servants.Thirdly,it analyzes the problems existing in the incentive mechanism of grassroots civil servants from the aspects of salary,spirit,training and communication,assessment and promotion,so as to provide the basis for improving the incentive mechanism of grassroots civil servants in China.Finally,accordingto the analysis results,this paper proposes a four-dimensional incentive framework with the contents of material incentive,spiritual incentive,ability development incentive and career development incentive.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grassroots Civil Servants, Incentive Mechanism, the Framework of "Four-Dimensional Incentive"
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