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Complex Signal Transmission And Multiple Identity Construction Of A Rising India

Posted on:2021-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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During this crucial time in history,how the rising India formulate its new identity will bring renewed opportunities and challenges to both India and the world order at large At the international level,as the liberal international order under the leadership of the United States is relatively declining,power is shifting to non-western countries,and competition between China and the United States is intensifying,the international society expects India to play a larger role and maintain a higher degree of transparency in terms of its willingness.Domestically,India's economic and military strength has developed rapidly and material capabilities have undergone marked improvements.The more aggressive Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP)has continuously grasped power,pursued a higher international status and a national identity matched with its capability,and sent various new and inconsistent signals of its multiple identities to the world.Why does India send all kinds of inconsistent and even conflicting identity(status)signals to the world?Based on identity theory,this paper summarizes the identity transmitted by India Since the 21st century,India's interaction with the international system has become more and more frequent,and India's multiple identities have been activated correspondingly in different contexts and facing different audiences.In terms of India's current identity,at least five narratives of Indian identity are widely recognized in Indian political discourse based on Wendt's identity theory,namely(Hinduism)nation states,emerging nations(rising power),the largest democracy country in the world,the dominant country in South Asia and the pioneering non-aligned country.These identities are closely related to the history,culture,religious belief,geopolitical environment and material resources of India and utilize strategies including social competition,social creation and social mobilityAs to how the national identity is captured by the audience,this paper adopts the Status Signaling Model of Pu Xiaoyu as the middle-level analysis mechanism,and believes that India transmits its identity to the domestic audience and other members of the international community through signals.India transmits its identity signals to consolidate the government legitimacy,promote national pride,strengthen domestic identity, home,and demonstrate the strength of a big power,enhance international status,escape international responsibility and gain political followings at the international arena.Different purposes cause the signals to go up and down.Signal transmission strategies include two types costly and free ones(further divided into conspicuous consumption,communal sharing,spinning and fighting).The transmission process is the interaction of behaviors and discourse for a long period of time.When it comes to the transmission effects,some new identities come into form gradually and some old identities that caused confusion are deconstructed due to failed effortsIndia is sending complex identity signals about its priority identity on the global stage,managing its multiple complementary and conflicting identities and striking a balance between domestic and international audiences,ethnic groups and colonialism,elites and people,maintaining great powers status and uniting the relatively weak countries It needs to focus on the signal transmission and response analysis of major audiences such as China and the United States.This can provide a unique reference path for the rise of non-western great powers and identity construction,and China can also learn from it.A rising India,as the intersection of the discourse boundary and geographical boundary of different world and regional orders,is bound to play an important role in the world order.It is of great value to understand India's identity from its own historical practice,civilization tradition,geographical environment and material resources,and to understand how various elements of India's identity are formed and interact with each other.A correct understanding of India will help us understand the way India handles international affairs and the fundamental relationship between India and the existing international order.It is very important for us to rationally handle Sino-Indian relations,reduce misjudgments and adopt appropriate methods to deal with India's rise.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rising Power, India, Signal Transmission, Identity Construction, Order Transformation
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