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Research On The Women's Federation Assisted Rural Women's Entrepreneurship In Tuoketuo County

Posted on:2020-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330623952994Subject:Public Administration
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Female entrepreneurship in China is more active,academic entrepreneurship is becoming more and more attention to women,as an important part of social and economic activities,female entrepreneurship is one of the effective ways to improve productivity and overcome poverty,and because women entrepreneurship still has huge development potential and room for growth,the importance of female entrepreneurship is growing.Rural women as part of a group of women,few Numbers at present stage,and the present stage our country the research on rural women entrepreneurship also is less,but the significance of rural women entrepreneurship is what we cannot afford to ignore,rural women through entrepreneurship can make their own economic independence,improve the family economic income,can also improve their social and family status;Women's entrepreneurship in rural areas is also conducive to the development of local economy and plays a positive role in promoting targeted poverty alleviation and new rural construction.The toketo county women's federation is fully aware of the significance of rural women's development,and actively explores ways to help rural women seek development through entrepreneurship.It is hoped that local women can play a "half changing" role in promoting sound and rapid economic development.As a bridge between the masses of women and the party and the government,the county women's federations seize the opportunity to help rural women start their own businesses,help rural women develop and make contributions to the country's economic development.The work of women's federation of toketo county to help rural women start their own businesses is still in an exploratory stage.Although the work of serving rural women to start their own businesses has achieved certain results,ruralwomen are faced with many difficulties in starting their own businesses.There are still many problems in the work of women's federation serving rural women to start their own businesses,mainly including: Entrepreneurial efforts in publicity and education is weak,weak pertinence is not strong support policy,entrepreneurship training,lack of support of the integration of power resources,business infrastructure is not perfect,the main reason lies in the county women's federation less support measures and the responsibilities of the various support unit is not clear,the negative impact of rural women entrepreneurship opinion seriously,support unit staff professional service level is uneven,and business support work late a lack of supervision,etc.In view of these problems,this paper proposes that the county women's federation should do a better job of publicity work,create entrepreneurial atmosphere,and solve the negative impact of rural women's entrepreneurial environment.By strengthening policy support,we should solve the problems of rural women's start-up capital and services.By helping rural women improve their entrepreneurial ability to make up for the lack of entrepreneurial skills,entrepreneurial confidence is not firm,poor management and other defects;Through the establishment of a complete network information service mechanism and the establishment of a sound functional system to help rural women further improve the work environment for entrepreneurship,so that the women's federation to help entrepreneurship work goals more clear,put forward more targeted and efficient measures to help.
Keywords/Search Tags:Women's federation, rural women, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial needs, toketo county
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