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A Study On The Japanese Immigration Invasion Of Northeast China From 1905 To 1930

Posted on:2021-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Although scholars around the world have a relatively in-depth and systematic researchon the history of the Japanese invasion of China,there have beenmore studies on Japanese agricultural migration activities after the “September 18 th Incident”,and less on Japanese immigrants who moved into Northeast China in the early days;researches on Japanese political and military activities are relatively sufficient,and researches on economic,cultural and educational activities slightly inadequate.Although there are numerous research results,few bears reflective insights.Intercepting the special period from the Russo-Japanese War to the establishment of Manchukoku,this paper took the early Japanese settlers in Kwantung leased territory and Mantie Railway dependency as the research object to study the relationship between population and social environment at that time and to expose the sinister intention of Japanese imperialism to monopolize Northeast China by means of immigration invasion;in addition,the paper analyzed the serious consequences of its immigration aggression to Northeast China and made useful discussion and complement for the research on the Japanese invasion of China from the demographic perspective.Through the Meiji Restoration which started in 1868,Japan became a newly emerging capitalist country and embarked on the road of aggression and expansion of “flaunting the power of the emperor overseas”.Japan coveted Northeast China and attempted to incorporate it into its territory.However,in the case where it was impossible to occupy it by force,immigration aggression became the preferred aggressive means for Japanese militarism to rule and pillage Northeast China.In order to smoothly advance the immigration aggression plan,Japan began to eagerly establish its colonial governing body,so the Kwantung Office and South Manchuria Railway Corporation emerged as the times required,becoming a “weapon” for implementing the “mainland policy”;and Kwantung leased territory and Mantie Railway dependency also naturally became the main front of Japanese immigration invasion,which were actually a “nation within a nation” established by Japan on Chinese land and were a serious violation of China's sovereignty.Since Japan gained the actual control right of Kwantung leased territory and Mantie Railway dependency,Japan had implemented targeted and planned immigration aggression–based on the country's rapidly growing population,Japan preached the benefits of immigration to the public;meanwhile,it adopted military means to let Japanese immigrants quickly flow into Kwantung leased territory and Mantie Railway dependency.Furthermore,Japan conducted selection and control on the quality,quantity and sex ratio of the immigrants,and carried out colonial education with ulterior motives to consolidate immigration achievements,expecting to make various copies of Japan where the immigrants arrived,and to gradually encroach on our territory and completely annex our territory without a battle.After a detailed analysis of the situation of Japanese immigrants at that time,such as the number and growth of the population,the age structure of the population,the gender structure and occupation status of the population,and changes in the sex ratio by age,the paper analyzed the motivation of Japanese colonial education,teaching development,and curriculum setting so as to prove that is an important auxiliary means for Japan to consolidate the achievements of immigration and maintain its colonial foundation.Before planning and launching the full-scale war of aggression against China,immigration aggression was an important step in the implementation of the “mainland policy” by Japanese militarism.With the aggression of Japanese militarism,Japanese immigrants arrived and settled down throughout “South Manchuria”,causing the established fact of actual occupation and becoming the strong practitioners of the “mainland policy”,as well as the instrument of aggression and accomplices of Japanese militarism.Although immigrant aggression is not as naked and bloody as armed aggression,its harm is more profound and vicious.It has caused substantial harm to the politics,economy and culture of Northeast China,and also brought gravedisaster to Chinese people.
Keywords/Search Tags:Kwantung Leased Territory, Mantie Railway Dependency, Mainland Policy, Immigration Aggression
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