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The Research Of Investigation On The Criminal Case Of "Parallel Traders" Smuggling

Posted on:2021-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330629950766Subject:Public security
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Due to a series of reasons such as inadequate laws and regulations,relatively low crime costs,difficulty in supervision and prevention,and inadequate understanding of concepts,"parallel traders" smuggling crimes are rampant in China,and have evolved into large-scale and specialized group crimes.The harms of "parallel traders" smuggling crimes include: reducing China's fiscal revenue;disturbing China's market economic order;disrupting China's customs supervision order;infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of our people.In this regard,China's customs anti-smuggling department has continuously increased its efforts to effectively suppress the development of "parallel traders" smuggling crimes.However,at present,the smuggling crimes of "parallel traders" have not stopped,but have become increasingly fierce.For the smuggling crime cases of "parallel traders",the following characteristics can be summarized from the perspective of investigation work: smuggling objects cover a wide range;smuggling ports are all over the country;smuggling personnel constitute diversification;smuggling methods are complex and changeable;Combine with other smuggling methods,etc.During the actual investigation of the “parallel traders” smuggling crimes by the anti-smuggling department of the customs,some difficulties in investigation were found,including the difficulty in collecting the clues of the case,the identification of the evidence in the case,and the difficulty in the investigation and investigation of the persons involved.Therefore,starting from the difficulties in the investigation of “parallel traders” smuggling crimes at this stage,the customs anti-smuggling department can adopt the following investigation countermeasures: improve the construction of anti-smuggling intelligence;initiate investigations through the smuggling track;There are various ways to launch targeted crackdowns on the smuggling crimes of "parallel traders";we will cooperate with various parties to jointly combat the smuggling crimes of "parallel traders".This article is divided into four parts: The first part is an overview of the "parallel traders" smuggling crime.This part first defines the concept of the "parallel traders" smuggling crime,and secondly analyzes the behavior pattern of the "parallel traders" smuggling crime.And analyze the cause and harm of "parallel traders" smuggling crime,and finally discuss the boundary between "parallel traders" smuggling crime and overseas purchasing,cross-border e-commerce;the second part is the characteristics of "parallel traders" smuggling crime,this part is passed Analyze the typical cases of "parallel traders" smuggling crimes,and extract the characteristics of such cases;the third part is the difficulties in the investigation of "parallel traders" smuggling crimes.This part draws on the customs anti-smuggling department to combat "parallel traders" smuggling crimes The practical experience,combined with the relevant characteristics of the "parallel traders" smuggling crime,summed up the difficulties and pain points encountered by the anti-smuggling department when investigating the "parallel traders" smuggling crime;the fourth part is the investigation countermeasures of the "parallel traders" smuggling crime,This part mainly through the systematic analysis of the characteristics of the "parallel traders" smuggling crime cases and the difficulty of investigation,combined with the current investigation methods of the anti-smuggling department of the customs,to explore practical and effective investigation countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Parallel traders, Smuggling crime, Difficulty in investigation, Investigative countermeasure
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