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Research On The Investigation Countermeasures Of Gun Trafficking Online

Posted on:2020-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C M HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330596468869Subject:Public security
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Gun trafficking online refers to a criminal case in which a suspect uses the Internet as a tool to secretly buy and sell firearms and endanger public safety.There are obvious differences of online gun trafficking in the use of media,criminal means and social harm compared with traditional cases.In recent years,the number of online gun trafficking cases has increased significantly in China.The main reasons lie in criminal subjects,social subjects and the international environment.In addition,the departments of public safety can hardly response to frequent crack-down actions,which may lead to frequent gun crimes,escalation of violent crimes,mafia,gambling and drug-trafficking collude with online gun trafficking,greatly reduced public security and social stability.This article based on literature analysis and empirical research on the cases under investigation,in order to propose more effective investigative countermeasure.From investigation,it has the following characteristics: the persistence and arbitrariness of time,the virtuality,dispersion and uncertainty of space,the emerging,diversified subjects and the chain and meshing of the organizations.Although the anti-online gun trafficking campaigns in recent years have received certain effects,it has not been solved from the root.The departments of public safety still have some difficulties in investigation,including team coordination,clue collection,investigation expansion,evidence collection,arrest of suspects and gun retrieval,which has become the bottleneck of cracking down gun trafficking online.To understand the deep-rooted reasons for the difficulty of investigation,the public security organs must first deal with the difficulty in investigation and improve efficiency flexibly from different respects.In terms of mechanism,a communication and coordination mechanism among departments of public safety should be established,a cross-regional investigation and coordination mechanism should be build,and the international cooperation and communication mechanism should be improved.In terms of clue collection,we need to consolidate basic work,the departments of public safety should increase network inspections,deepen police-enterprise cooperation,increase logistics monitoring,and strengthen source attacks,so as to inspect suspicious information,funds,goods,and criminal sources.In terms of investigation expansion,the departments of public safety should build a big data model,establish a “case pool” for Internet companies,and build a high-risk personnel forecasting platform to expand production lines for production sources,gun dealers and buyers.In terms of the investigation and evidence collection,the departments of public safety should strengthen the collection of electronic evidence,verbal evidence and the fixation of physical evidence.In terms of arresting criminal suspects,relying on synthetic operations,the departments of public safety should master the law of criminal activities to build arresting nets.In terms of the retrieval of guns,the departments of public safety should prepare to eliminate the remaining crimes.In short,the investigation of gun trafficking online is a systematic project,which requires the cooperation and coordination of various functional departments.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gun trafficking online, Difficulty in investigation, Investigative countermeasure
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