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A New Education Financing Channels - School Silver And Cooperative Relations "

Posted on:2005-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207360122493695Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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For a long time, the country's colleges and universities rely on the government's appropriate funds for education. This educational system can hardly adapt to the developmental requirement of the market economy. The consequence is the difficulty of the enlargement of the scale and the improvement of the quality of school running. The corporantion between banks and colleges and universities not only breaks the bottle-neck restriction of the developmental funds but also provides a realistic choice to open up market actively, elevate the credit quality and elude the possible financial danger. This cooperation gives a very optimistic perspective. Nevertheless, conventions and policies require an urgent new breakthrough which can provide effective guide in terms of the concrete manipulation on both sides. On the basis of equality, mutual benefit and sincere cooperation of both sides, corporate discussion gives financing of colleges and universities a way out.Starting from the author's great interest in the cooperation between banks and colleges and universities, this thesis bases itself on the investigation and interviews in some colleges and universities as well as banks in Jiangsu Province and Shanghai, and on the reference of the national assistance loan. It is found that there are 3 major problems in the cooperation: unreliable credit, feeble guard against dangers on both sides and the imperfection of the relative laws and regulations. Through careful analysis and discussion, the thesis puts forward 3 strategies to solve the above problems:1.In terms of credit, understand the theories on the credit of cooperation, combine theories with practice, make a breakthrough in morality and ability, reason from the perspectives of innovations of ideas, systems and management as well as the establishment of the inquiry system of the personal credit, and finally hasten the final settlement of this problem.2.As to dangers, on the basis of the analysis of dangers, analyze thecauses from society, colleges and universities, banks and loan individuals. The final settlement of dangers requires the establishment of a complete preventative system, especially the legalization of systems on the level rules.3. With regards to the imperfection of the relative laws and regulations, through the reference to the successful experience abroad, find a foothold on our reality, suggest the invention and improvement of laws and regulations, especially the agreement of the aptitude of the leaner, assurance, and the reclamation of the loan.
Keywords/Search Tags:colleges and universities, financing, bank, cooperation, credit, danger
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