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Study On Development Of Chinese Professional Sports Broadcasting Market

Posted on:2019-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the reform of professional sports in China in 1994,the professional sports competition system,which is represented by professional football and basketball league,has been formed.At the same time,China's professional sports broadcasting rights market in its development process with the development of the main body of the different situation.As the state council on accelerating the development of sports industry,promote the sports consumption of the several opinions and other documents,professional sports broadcasting rights market in China has entered a new stage of development,property right transaction is becoming more and more frequent,more market main body behavior.In addition,with the continuous development of digital communication technology and the improving of the purchasing power of new media broadcaster,has brought the Chinese professional sports broadcasting platform growing and rights to sell the price surge,the influence of the media into professional sports broadcasting rights income important source of economic development process.At the same time,in the process of the development of China's professional sports broadcasting rights,there are still some problems such as the phenomenon of Internet piracy and the development policy of the league.Based on the understanding of the content of professional sports broadcasting and the framework of professional sports broadcast market,this paper systematically discuss the development of broadcast market of Chinese professional sports league.Then,we divided the discussion into three stages and summarized the feature of each stage which based on the broadcasting market structure,the sale price and the way which people viewing the game.On the basis of the research above,as well as the current situation and the restricting factors,we propose that the managers who related to the development of the broadcast market of the Chinese professional sports league should follow these four principles.Firstly,the part of the leagues should be adjusted to realize the improvement of ornamental and competitive levels.Secondly,payment model should be utilized to realize the market value.Thirdly,legal provisions which related to the sports broadcasting should be set up to provide the juridical protection to the interest subjects.Fourthly,the management of the professional sports broadcast market should be more orderly to realize the sustainable development.
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