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Based On Text Anxiety Of Positive Psychology Counseling

Posted on:2016-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Positive psychology is an Applied Science tat reveals human strengths and promotes theirpositive performance. Since Seligman put forward the concept of positive psychology, Chineseand western psychologists have devoted to theoretical research, applied research is relativelysmall, and it is mainly in the aspect of clinical treatment. In recent years, our researchers appliedpositive psychology to school mental health education research, and have achieved certainresults. However, the positive psychology lacks of related intervention studies at how to helpstudents solve specific psychological problems.As one of the prevalence of psychological problems among middle school students, test anxietyhas seriously affected the students’ physical and mental health, and even some students producedweariness, withdrawal and other extreme behavior, this also caused widespread concern in theschool, parents and the community. Therefore, to help high school students to ease test anxietybecome an urgent task of psychology workers.Previous studies on High School Students Test Anxiety mainly intervenes the negative aspects ofnegative cognitive and bad behavior, ignoring the people’s positive potential. In view of this, thisresearch is to comb of positive psychology theory knowledge as the breakthrough point, to raisehigh school students’ level of positive emotions, trying to guide the middle students about theproblems of the students’ test anxiety and explore the effect to provide reference information ofthe school mental health education and the related studies.This study adopts Sarason’s test anxiety questionnaire screen out the subjects (1978), whichwas revised by Wang Kang (1999).The students are divided into experimental and controlgroups according to the test anxiety test scores,20people averagely. For experimental group, thecounseling activities are carried out around the themes of hope, mentoring process includesseven times. For control group, the traditional group counseling intervention is implemented inthe post test. Each group is subjected to Test Anxiety Scale (TAS) and the Children’s Hope Scale(CHS), before and after the intervention, the data is mixed design ANOVA, testing the effect ofcommunity based tutoring high school students under the Positive Psychology exam anxiety.Through the study of40students, the study came to the following conclusions:1. Middle school students’ test anxiety level is negatively correlated with the expectation. If thestudents have a positive mood, they may have low degree of test anxiety. Likewise, if the students have a negative mood, they may have high degree of test anxiety.2. The guidance of the positive psychology can reduce the middle school students’ test anxietysignificantly.
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