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Analysis On The Influencing Factors And Spatial Spillover Effects Of Economic Growth In Yunnan Province

Posted on:2020-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,the overall economy of Yunnan Province has maintained steady and rapid growth,and the supply-side structural reform and industrial restructuring have achieved initial results.In 2017,the total production value of Yunnan Province was 1,653.334 billion yuan,an increase of 9.5 percentage points over 2016.The per capita GDP of the province reached 34,545 yuan,an increase of 8.8 percentage points over the previous year.However,in 2017,the per capita GDP of Yunnan Province was ranked low in 31 provinces,municipalities and autonomous regions across the country,and the gap with the national average was increasing.The situation facing Yunnan Province in 2017 is still complicated and severe,with opportunities and challenges coexisting.From the perspective of Yunnan Province,deep structural institutional contradictions have not been fundamentally alleviated,and economic growth in various cities still has imbalances.With the advancement of the “Belt and Road” process,economic growth depends not only on the internal factors such as factor endowments and industrial structure in various regions,but also on the economic conditions and indicators between its neighboring regions,that is,the need to consider spatial factors.In the study of economic growth,we will further explore the spatial spillover effects of economic growth.Based on the panel data of 16 cities in Yunnan Province from 2001 to 2016,this paper uses the classical regression analysis method to carry out regression analysis on the factors affecting economic growth in Yunnan Province.The spatial spillover effect of spatial econometric analysis on economic growth in Yunnan Province.Analyze.The results show that fiscal expenditure,capital stock,urbanization rate,second-and thirdindustry value-added,and year-end employment population have a significant positive impact on Yunnan's economic growth,and have positive space for neighboring regions.Spillover effect;the number of scientific and technical personnel has no significant impact on economic growth.The second and third industry added value accounted for the largest spillover effect of IND,and the spillover effect of variable fiscal expenditure,capital stock,and urbanization rate was small,indicating that the government's fiscal expenditure,capital accumulation and urbanization promotion were in Yunnan Province.The impact between neighboring cities is not very strong.It can be seen that the change in regional economic output is the result of the interaction of the multi-dimensional variables and other input variables and economic output.Exploring the spillover effects of economic growth in Yunnan from a spatial perspective,and clarifying which influencing factors only have an impact on the region,and which influencing factors have spillover effects on neighboring regions,providing new strategies for Yunnan and other cities to formulate corresponding economic growth strategies.Thoughts and directions.At the same time,it is of great significance to alleviate the current economic growth pressure in Yunnan Province and promote the healthy and sustainable development of Yunnan Province.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic Growth, Influencing Factors, Spatial Spillover Effects
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