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Research On The Impact Of Higher Education Spatial Agglomeration On Regional Economic Growth

Posted on:2021-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous transformation and upgrading of the "New Era" regional competition championships,the space competition of higher education.centered on the"Double First Class" Construction has been further strengthened,spatial agglomera-tion of higher education will continue to deepen development,how to affect regional economic growth?Theoretically answer the mechanism and effect of higher education agglomeration development on regional economic growthpractically answering the actual effect of Chinese higher education agglomerarion on regional economic growth it has important theoretical and practical signi ficance.On the basis of sorting out relevant literature,this paper summarizes the dynamic evolution of higher education agglomeration and regional economic development in 31 provincial regions of China,from 2003-2017-it is found that the agglomeration of higher education and economic development in various regions of China have dyn-amic and spatial asymmetry,on the three plates of the East,the middle and the West and at the provincial level,the agglomeration of higher education and the level of economic development fluctuate in heterogeneity with time:In-depth research.found that higher education.agglomeration affects regional economic growth through industrial agglomeration.mechanism,capital investment coupling mechanism,human capital cou--pling mechanism and technological innovation coupling mechanism.The economic effects of the four major mechanisms depend on the level of higher education agglomeration,regi onal social investm ent,and human capital,technclogi cal innovation and other factors.Based on the panel data of China's provincial level from 2003 to 2017,this paper construc.ts a.Spatial Durbin Model,and finds that the agglomeration mechanism of higher education industry influences the local economic growth throu-gh positive direct effect;The coupling mechanism of higher education innovation produces negative spatial spillover effect,which restrains the economic growth of neighboring regions and the whole region Through the positive direct effect and spatial spillover effect,the coupling mecchanism of higher education agglomeration capital investment promotes the economic growth of local and neigh-boring regions:and jointly promotes the overall regional economic growth;The human capital coupling mechanism of higher education agglomera tion promotes the positive spatial spillover effect through the human capital coupling channel,which promotes the economic growth of the surrounding regions,but the direct effect on the local regional economic growth is not significant,and there is a positive and significant overall effect to promote the overall regional economic growh-The labor force coupling channel of the human capital coupling mechanism of higher education agglomeration has anegative direct effect,inhibits local regional economic growth,the spatial spillover effect on the economic growth of the surrounding area is not significant,and the total effect on the overall regional economy is significantly negative.Therefore,it is necessary to attach great importance to the development of regional higher education,optimize the allocation of all kinds of higher education resources,promote the integration of regional politics,industry,education and research,and coordinate the overall competitiveness of regional economy.There are three aspects of innovation in this paper,one is to sort out the four mechanisms of higher education agglomeration on regional economic growth in thneory,it also constructs the model of economic growth,systematically analyzes the equilibrium law of higher education agglomeration affecting regional economic growth under four mechanisms,and makes up for the incomplete and insufficient research of higher education agglomeration theory in the past;The second is to construct the Spatial Durbin Model,which empirically regresses the direct effect and spatial spillover effect of four kinds of higher education agglomeration mechanisms on regional economic growth,and answers the question of how Chinese higher education agglomeration affects regional economic growth However in the research process,the measurement index of higher education agglomeration is too and the heterogeneity of regional samples with different spatial scales is not considered,which may omit some important information and need to be further improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Spatial agglomeration of Higher Education, Economic growth, Coupling mechanism, Spatial Durbin Model, Sptial Spillover Effect
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