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A Study On The Relationship Between Preschool Teachers' Perceived Work Limitation,Work Motivation And Autonomous Support

Posted on:2020-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330572978581Subject:Pre-primary Education
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In the kindergarten education reform,the value of "autonomy" has been emphasized several times.In order to conform to the development trend of early childhood education,some kindergartens carry out "autonomous games" and "autonomous learning" as the characteristics of their own kindergartens,and the frequency of the word "autonomy" in the propaganda of kindergartens starts to increase.While people realize the significance and urgency of the cultivation of autonomous ability,they fall into the contradiction.In the specific activities,there are many misunderstandings due to the influence of traditional concepts,education mode and thinking mode.In today's child-oriented environment,autonomous support teaching mode can better stimulate children's intrinsic motivation,better mobilize children's enthusiasm,and better meet the needs of children's autonomy.Autonomous support advocates that people in a position of authority can adopt the opinions of others,recognize their feelings,provide appropriate information and choice opportunities,and reduce the application pressure and requirements as much as possible.Then the autonomy of students,children or subordinates will be supported,which will stimulate the intrinsic learning motivation.But the preschool teachers' independent support style of teaching will be affected by various factors,in order to better shape the teacher autonomy support behavior,so the researchers draw lessons from foreign research achievements of primary and secondary school teachers,prepare the measurement of preschool teachers' independent support climate questionnaire,through the teachers' sense of work limits and the analysis of the relationship between work motivation,further support for preschool teachers' independent influencing factors were discussed.In this study,300 preschool teachers were interviewed and questionnaires were used to study the relationship between preschool teachers' perceived work restriction,work motivation and independent support.The questionnaire consists of four parts: basic demographic variables,preschool teachers' self-supporting tendency,teachers' perceived limitations in work,and teachers' work motivation.The research findings are as follows :(1)self-compiled questionnaire for preschool teachers' self-support can be used as an effective scale to measure preschool teachers' self-support tendency;The total score of preschool teachers' independent support is higher,which indicates that teachers will take more independent support to children in practice.However,the difference of height control dimension is large,which indicates that the control tendency of different teachers is obviously different.Different teaching age,monthly income,work day long preschoolteachers in independent support level and its significant difference,the different sex,age,class size,type of kindergarten,kindergarten level have significant differences,and different education mode,type of labor relations,class of preschool teachers' independent support levels did not differ significantly;(2)early childhood teachers perceived "parents,colleagues,managers' requirements" and the limitation of "material" for preschool teachers' independent support has significant negative correlation,and when the teachers feel more "support" in the work,and feel the "responsible for children's behavior,teachers tend to show the autonomic supportive atmosphere.Among them,"requirement","material" and "children" are three variables that can effectively predict and explain preschool teachers' controlling or autonomous support tendency.There was a significant positive correlation between autonomy support and internal motivation,and a significant negative correlation between autonomy support and external motivation(identity regulation,external regulation)and non-motivation.Among them,"intrinsic motivation" or "unmotivation" can effectively predict and explain preschool teachers' controlling or autonomous support tendency.(3)work motivation plays a partial mediating role in preschool teachers' autonomous support and perceived work restriction.This shows that teachers' perception of limitations in work can not only directly affect individual self-supporting behavior,but also indirectly affect self-supporting behavior through work motivation.
Keywords/Search Tags:independent support, work motivation, kindergarten teacher, self-decision theory
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