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Young Athletes In The Self Determination Theory A Study On Sports Motivation

Posted on:2018-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515959292Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Track and field sports are known as "the mother of sports",in the Olympic Games and other large comprehensive sports events,the number of track and field medals,the most widely affected,so there is a track and field world.Usually after 9-12 years of training time from the beginning to attend the training of track and field athletes,young athletes as a reserve of talents,the training in the basic training phase,the stage for future competition or training is particularly important to lay a good foundation.Teenagers in a critical period of physical and mental development of young athletes,the training process is not simply accept skill training,but with comprehensive intercourse,pursuit and choice,will,and so is the athletes of the passions,the inner world of full participation.The training process of athletes is a hard,high strength,high load exercise process,athletes need long-term adherence to success,if only for training will be driven in external motivation is reduced under the athletes experience in sports training of athletes in training fun,weaken the sense of autonomy need,thus affecting the training the effect reduces the athletes success rate,even more and more athletes give up sports training.In this paper,based on self determination theory,the sports motivation of teen age athletes as the research object,the influence mechanism of basic psychological needs,the perceived autonomy support coach on sport motivation of teen age athletes,to provide a more systematic and more comprehensive perspective for understanding the relationship between the three.The data were collected by using the scale,and the structural equation model was constructed,which could be used to accurately grasp the basic psychological needs,and the relationship between the autonomy of coaches and the motivation of the track and field athletes.The results show that:(1)the basic psychological needs of young track and field athletes to meet the needs of the minimum degree of autonomy needs,there are significant differences in the needs of the young athletes of different genders to meet the needs of autonomy.(2)the young track and field athletes have the need to feel the support of the coach's autonomy,and there is no significant difference between the different gender of the track and field athletes.(3)young athletes good level of motivation,behavior regulation more centralized regulation and integrated regulation and internal motivation in the motivation of high strength between different gender identity,among the young athletes in the three dimensions of motivation is not significant.(4)the autonomy of the support of the coach can significantly predict athletes' sport motivation,young athletes of 3 basic psychological needs can significantly predict the athletes' sport motivation,while young athletes perceived autonomy support coach can affect the motivation of young athletes to meet 3 basic psychological needs influence and the basic psychological needs of autonomy support coach and self-determination motivation has a mediating effect.It is suggested that coaches should meet the basic needs of young athletes in sports training,and give them more autonomy to choose.
Keywords/Search Tags:Basic psychological needs, Independent support, Sports motivation
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