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Comparative Study On The Effects Of Multi-directional Mobile Training On The Sensitivity Of Middle School Basketball Athletes

Posted on:2020-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330572997899Subject:Sports teaching
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Fast is the basic characteristic of modern basketball.Athletes should attack and defend frequently according to the actual situation on the court,take various steps to move actively on the court,and complete the technical and tactical requirements in changing speed,direction and position to create opportunities for scoring.With the formation of basketball training teams in primary and secondary schools and the rapid development of basketball competitions in our country,when middle school female basketball players learn basketball,coaches pay more attention to the basic training of athletes' techniques and tactics,and physical fitness requires more speed and strength training,thus ignoring the athletes' multi-directional movement technology.Multi-directional movement combines several sports qualities such as strength,speed,explosive force,coordination and reaction time.It is a kind of ability to quickly change the direction of body movement.Through multi-directional movement training,the speed and sensitivity of athletes can be improved to the maximum extent.It can deal with various random events on the court,and is also more conducive to basketball players' basic skills learning and better performance.By using the methods of literature review,expert interview,mathematical statistics,experiment and comparative analysis,this paper takes 18 female basketball players in the school of Jiangtai Road campus in The High School Attached to Tsinghua University as experimental objects and randomly divides them into control group and experimental group.Through multi-direction movement training,it aims to explore the influence of multi-direction movement training on the sensitive quality of middle school female basketball players.In this paper,six test indexes are selected,including Illinois test,professional-grade motion sensitive parallel movement test,triple cone barrel parallel movement sensitive test,T-shape sensitive test,AFL sensitive test(with ball)and 15 m *4turn-back run test,and the test results of the experimental group and the control group before and after the experiment are statistically analyzed.The main research conclusions are as follows:(1)The performance of AFL sensitivity test(with ball)is significantly improved by combining the training methods and methods with ball state in multidirectional movement training,which shows that multidirectional movement training has obvious effect.(2)Directional and non-directional movement training in multi-directional movement training have significant differences in Illinois test,professional-level movement sensitive parallel movement test,tri-cone barrel parallel movement sensitive test and T-shape sensitive test,which shows that the multi-directional movement training effect is obvious.(3)The results and improvement of the 15 m *4 turn-back run are slightly higher than that of the multi-direction movement training due to the traditional movement combination training,which shows that the traditional movement combination training is better than the multi-direction movement training in the long-distance straight turn-back run.
Keywords/Search Tags:multi-directional movement training, Basketball for middle school students, Women basketball players, Sensitive quality
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