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Fund Budget Management Of Application-oriented Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2019-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575450108Subject:Financial Management
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At present,China's education is developing vigorously,especially in Colleges and universities,which is developing with a very rapid momentum.At the same time,in the case of continuous improvement and optimization of the system,most colleges and universities are faced with the task of changing the position of running a school and cultivating the applied talents,especially the high place in the transition period.School.The reform of education and the educational system should speed up the pace of reform.We must strive to build a high level applied undergraduate university.At this stage,the source of funds of universities is no longer limited to the financial appropriation of the state,but rather the source of diversified funds.Therefore,it is more important to rationally allocate and use the funds allocated by the finance,to ensure the balance of revenue and expenditure,to reduce the financial risk and to make the best use of the funds.Under the new situation,there are still many new problems and new tasks in applied universities*The financial management of schools is facing more severe challenges.It is urgent to improve the financial management level of applied universities.How to obtain funds and optimize their utilization is the most important thing in the financial management of Applied Undergraduate Colleges and universities.The acquisition,distribution and use of funds will have a great influence on the training of applied undergraduate and the development of the school cause.All these are closely related to the financial management of the applied undergraduate colleges and universities.As the focus of the school financial management,the fund budget management of the applied undergraduate colleges and universities is the focus of the financial management of the school.And the overall healthy development of schools has a direct impact.Therefore,it is of great significance to strengthen the research on the budget management of the applied undergraduate colleges and universities,improve the management level of the fund budget,and maximize the utility of the limited funds,which is of great significance to the training of talents and the realization of the development strategy of the applied undergraduate colleges.Now,the budget management of applied undergraduate colleges is still at a relatively elementary stage,and there are still many deficiencies that need further optimization and improvement.Therefore,it is necessary to study and analyze the budgetary management of the applied undergraduate colleges and universities,to find out the problems,to analyze the problems and to put forward solutions,to adapt to the future development strategy of the application oriented colleges and universities and to carry out comprehensive reform.On the background of the vigorous development and deepening of the reform of the applied undergraduate colleges and universities in China,on the basis of in-depth understanding and Research on the management of funds budget related to universities at home and abroad,this paper takes S University as an example to analyze its fund budget management,and finds out the management of the overall-budget of the capital of S University.Many aspects need to be perfected,and the model should be set up and adjusted according to the actual situation,in order to finally establish a scientific and reasonable system from budgeting to execution,control and analysis and evaluation,for the financial management and budget management level of the University of S and even the National Applied Undergraduate College.Suggestions and suggestions for improvement are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Application-oriented colleges and universities, capital budgeting management, Balanced Scorecard
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