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Research On The Influence Of Humanities Exchange On China's Export Trade

Posted on:2020-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of transportation technology and information technology,the impact of trade costs brought by transportation on trade cooperation is gradually weakened.On the contrary,the language,education,science and technology,religious beliefs,customs and values of traders are different.The resulting cultural differences have become the"hidden formation"of trade cooperation between countries and have increasingly influenced trade cooperation.International trade is not only a single economic activity,but also the economic activity that occurs between two entities with different cultural characteristics.With the agreement on trade policy between countries and the increase in freedom of trade,international trade cooperation is more convenient,but the trade caused by the lack of understanding of cultural factors such as the humanistic characteristics,customs and religious beliefs of trading partners hinders trade.The cost has become increasingly prominent,so that international business activities such as international trade have begun to focus on humanities exchange activities between countries on a global scale,trying to reduce communication,information barriers,and cultural resistance through humanities communication.Implicit trade costs.This paper combs the previous research and collects data from many parties.It conducts multi-dimensional statistical analysis of the forms and contents of humanities exchanges between China and the countries along the Belt and Road.It theoretically deduces the influence mechanism of humanities exchange on China's export trade.Make assumptions.Finally,the Confucius Institute and the sister city are selected as the proxy variables of humanities communication.Based on the extended trade gravity model,LSDV mixed regression and POISSON regression are used to empirically test the trade volume of humanities exchanges with China's export countries along the l"Belt and Road" influences.Considering the"self-selection effect"of the model,this paper uses the PSM-DID method to test the robustness.Then,the cultural distance factor was introduced to test the influence mechanism of humanities exchange on trade cooperation,and finally the regional heterogeneity of the humanities exchange role along the"Belt and Road"and the role of cultural products export were further extended.The final conclusions of this paper are as follows:(1)The humanities exchanges between China and the countries along the"Belt and Road"have significantly promoted bilateral trade cooperation.The establishment of Confucius Institutes and the matching of sister cities have been enhanced by exporting Chinese culture and strengthening public communication.China's soft power,thereby promoting bilateral trade cooperation.(2)Cultural differences are an important obstacle to trade cooperation.Humanities exchanges reduce the hidden trade costs brought about by cultural differences by eliminating cultural differences and promoting cultural integration,thus promoting bilateral trade cooperation.(3)Humanities exchanges have obvious regional differences in promoting the trade cooperation between China and the countries along the Belt and Road.The trade cooperation between the Confucius Institutes in Southeast Asia,South Asia and West Asia and North Africa is relatively strong,while it is relatively weak in the more developed and geographically distant Central and Eastern Europe.(4)Humanities exchange has a significant role in promoting the export of Chinese cultural products.The export of cultural products trade depends not only on the level of market and economic development,but also on the recognition of the culture,values and friendly feelings of consumers in trading partners.Based on the above conclusions,we propose policy recommendations on how to improve the humanities exchange and cooperation mechanism,improve the platform for humanities exchange and cooperation,create brand effects of cultural activities,and promote trade cooperation in cultural industries.
Keywords/Search Tags:Humanities exchange, one belt,one road, trade cost, cultural distance
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