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The Evaluation And Application Of College Student's Employment Quality Under China New Normal

Posted on:2019-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330578464574Subject:Agricultural Extension
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Under the economic background of the new normal,college students employment problems facing new challenges,how to make the undergraduate of better docking with unit of choose and employ persons is a realistic problem.This thesis studies the employment situation of college students,establishes the quality evaluation system and applies it to the development of APP.In the study,questionnaire survey was carried out first,then some data analysis was conducted on the results of the survey,This thesis measures the employment quality of college students from five dimensions: career matching degree,professional matching degree,salary and welfare,career development and occupational stability.And the results of the analysis could well describe the employment status of college students.Based on this,the thesis designed the college students' employment evaluation system,and applied it to the employment guidance software,and achieved good results.It is mainly carried out in the following aspects.First,the analysis of the employment quality of college students mainly starts from two perspectives.On the one hand,the overall situation of college students' employment quality is controlled from the perspective of comprehensive analysis.On the other hand,it analyzes the characteristics of college students' employment quality from various dimensions.And using the data of questionnaire to analyze the employment quality of college students,From the five dimensions of career matching degree,professional matching degree,salary and welfare,career development and occupational stability;Second,the survey results are analyzed.The main data analysis methods include descriptive analysis,comparative analysis and differential analysis.The corresponding charts summarized in the data can be used to describe the current situation of college students' employment quality.In order to achieve the overall employment quality of university students the overall clear purpose.After various data analysis,the relevant conclusions are drawn:At present,the employment situation of college students in China is at a moderate level.The quality of employment is influenced by gender,college level and different industries in terms of salary,welfare,career development and employment stability.Thirdly,according to the survey and analysis,the design is suitable for college students' employability evaluation system.Help future college students can improve their overall level and employability through college.Finally,this thesis is based on the results of investigation and analysis.The employment ability evaluation system is designed and combined with the actual situation to raise the employment ability to expand the employment channel to improve the employment difficulty of the Internet employment platform.The platform was put into use in December 2016 and achieved certain results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic new normal employment, quality of employment of un-iversity, employment, Internet platform of employment
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