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The Countermeasure Study On Improving Employment Quality Of The Graduates Of Liaoning Economic Vocational Technological Institute

Posted on:2009-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Higher vocational education, one of the most important parts of the higher education system in China, is a kind of high-level vocational education, which has always been playing an critical role in promoting the development of economy, society and the employment. With the greater depth of the social reform, the scale of the higher vocational education development has been keeping rapid and stable with the steady increase of the total enrollment. While during the process of development, some problems has appeared such as the problem that the education operation mechanism, management system, and the teaching setting are not used to the demands from the market economy which leads to the low employment rate of the graduates from the vocational schools as well as the low employment quality. In 2003 the employment-oriented higher vocational education paid so much effort to aim at the social demands and closely follow the market that the employment rate of the graduates has a great increase. While at the same time, in the pursuit of higher employment rate, the quality problem of the graduates from vocational schools came into being, for example, the career stability, the start salary, the sustainable development ability, the students'low self-satisficaiton, the employers'low satisfication. Hence, how to improve the quality of the employment and that of the graduates is becoming an important issue. Under such circumstances, the employment which can realize the matching of the ability, personhood of the graduates from vocational school and the post offered by the employer will be critical for the development of the higher vocational education, graduates from the higher vocational school, the employers and the economic development.With the analysis technique as well as the comprehensive, deductive, inductive and the comparative method, this article makes a careful research on the inner problems of the higher vocational education, the orientation of the education setting, training patterns, employment instructions, the disadvantages and weakness of the career self-planning from the perspective of the course setting, lectures, employment instructions, certificates and career planning. The policies and suggestions have been given concerning the solution to the problem of the employment of the graduates from the higher vocational schools.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher education, Graduates, Employment rate, Employment quality
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