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Intervention Effect Of Group Counseling On Senior High School Students' Career Adaptability And Career Uncertainty

Posted on:2020-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330578952180Subject:Mental health education
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Traditional school career education attaches great importance to students' career planning,using career tests,career information tables and new computer career assistance system to help students find definite goals and complete career decisions.With the rapid development of society,researchers began to pay attention to career adaptability and career uncertainty related to career changes.However,the current research on career adaptability and career uncertainty is mostly at the theoretical level.A few practical intervention studies are also aimed at college students and employees.Few studies focus on the practical intervention of senior high school students' career adaptation.This study is aimed at the intervention research methods of group counseling,aiming at the career adaptability and career uncertainty of the students in the first grade of senior high school,and testing the intervention effect.This study is an experimental intervention study.Through the Career Adaptation Scale(Hou Zhijin,2012)and Career State Self-Rating Scale(Zeng Weixi,2015),students with low level of career adaptability and poor career status were screened from the first grade of senior high school as subjects,and randomly allocated.Eight of them were members of the experimental group and eight were members of the control group.On the basis of participating in the original career teaching courses,eight members of the experimental group participated in the career chaos group counseling,while eight subjects of the control group did not participate in other counseling.The group counseling was conducted 8 times in this study.After 8 times of counseling,the two groups were tested.After the intervention,repeated measurements Analysis showed that compared with the control group,the career status of the experimental group members had significant changes in the type of blind impulse,but no significant changes in the three types:Wait and no acting,Confusion and strategy.The data of career adaptability scale showed that here was no significant difference in the total score of career adaptability and each dimension between the two groups..Generally speaking,the group counseling intervention in this study has a better effect on improving the blindly impulsive career status of senior one students.
Keywords/Search Tags:Senior One Students, Career Adaptability, Career Uncertainty, Group Counseling
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