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A Study On The Current Situation And Group Guidance Of Senior Middle School Students' Career

Posted on:2017-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330485456447Subject:Mental health education
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Career exploration process of personal growth is an effective means and methods of understanding and self-awareness of the environment, there is Help promote professional maturity and adaptability. In the career exploration process of gradually clear self-interest in career, establish professional attitude, establish the correct professional values and development of appropriate vocational skills, the formation of professional competence enables individuals constantly adapt to changes in the external environment, and promote the continuous improvement of the individual self and the environment level of understanding, and enhance self-efficacy. Although career exploration does not resolve the problems encountered in the career for the individual, but to explore the evolving attitudes and skills to help individuals to better adapt to the changing external environment. In today’s highly developed social, occupational exploration particularly significant. First of all, the more complex world of employment Hybrid, career evolution rapid pace, and secondly, the current teenagers are mostly only child, with the improvement of the economic development level of the family, almost no longer need them to run around the family livelihood, mostly "ears do not hear Out of the window, one read only the books of sages "so little opportunity to participate in social practice. Finally, the school’s Career education is lagging behind, so that young people could not adapt to this change and complexity do associate each. Thus, his career is very important for young people to explore. Especially for high school students, high school students are in the Division of Arts and career aspirations formative years, his career exploring not only help high school students career planning, but also to promote the development of students’ psychological health. However, the current high school students to explore careers often neglected by schools and society. Therefore, the high school students to carry out the relevant guidance career exploration is necessary. In this study, high school students explore career start for high school students to investigate the basic situation, implementing a Career Exploration group counseling programs to improve high school students explore career level, in order to provide some references for future study. This study is divided into two parts, surveys and experiments. The first part, leaves Lulu preparation of the "career exploration Scale (Middle School Edition)" to a middle school in Liaoning Province high school students conducted a survey to find out the status of high school students to explore careers and to analyze the reasons. The second part of the experiment design using the experimental group before and after the measurement of the control group, based on the pre-test data analysis, screened two homogeneous classes. Randomly selected one class as the experimental group, the experimental group only professional decision-making group counseling, after the experiment a "Career Exploration Inventory (Middle School Edition)" after each group were measured, data collection, analysis of experimental results group counseling programs. The conclusions are as follows:(1) high school students to explore careers average score of 184.97, close to the middle level;(2) High school students explore career level there was no significant difference in sex, there are significant differences in residence on the ground;(3) in this study designed to explore career group counseling program can significantly improve high school students explore career level, it is a practical possible to improve high school students explore career counseling level scheme could be extended;...
Keywords/Search Tags:Career exploration, Group counseling, Senior high student
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