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A Survey Of The Use Of Fitness App By Citizens In Nanning City Under The Background Of "Internet +"

Posted on:2020-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330578958905Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Under the era of "Internet +",the traditional fitness method closely followed the footsteps of the times,reformed the original model,developed a new type of fitness,and some software related to exercise and fitness came into being.As a mass sports,the fitness app can transfer sports knowledge and specific forging methods to a wider range of people more quickly.Under the influence of the era of big data,the use of fitness apps has become one of the main ways for Nanning citizens to exercise,and it is the best choice for citizens to launch sports activities.For the citizens of Nanning City,physical exercise is an indispensable part of their life.The attitudes and behaviors of citizens towards sports have greatly affected the development of sports activities.The "CODOON" app is currently in the market of fitness apps.The share of the top three is the top three.However,how important is the fitness app for Nanning citizens? Whether to change their attitudes and behaviors towards sports needs further study.This study selects the popular Internet product "CODOON" app and investigates the running group and users in Nanning City who have representative areas on the "CODOON" app.This paper mainly uses literature data method,questionnaire survey method,participation observation method,expert interview method and mathematical statistics method to explore.I hope that after the investigation,I can grasp the development status of the whole fitness app in the market with the "CODOON" app as an example,and grasp the popularity of the "CODOON" app in Nanning;further explore whether the "CODOON" fitness app is The attitude of the citizens of Nanning to physical exercise has been improved and implemented in practical actions.The aim is to discover a new model of fitness for all in the information age,and to provide theoretical guidance and decision-making basis for the development of national fitness in Nanning and similar economic regions.According to the survey,the following conclusions are drawn:(1)Among the respondents,there are more people using fitness apps for men;Nanning citizens aged25 to 31 prefer to use fitness apps;they have a more stable life.Nanning students,employees at the grassroots level,civil servants and public institutions prefer to use fitness apps.“Strong physical fitness” is the starting point and end point forNanning citizens to participate in sports activities.The fitness app features are frequently used,including exercise data synchronization,tailor-made exercise programs,social functions,and video teaching to effectively monitor athletic data,monitor and supervise workouts,strengthen socialization,and learn sports skills.(2)The fitness app effectively increases the number of users of Nanning's daily fitness and reasonable exercise time(30-60 minutes),reasonable exercise frequency(3-5times)andreasonable exercise intensity(low-intensityor medium-intensity).56.84%of the public think that fitness apps can stimulate their physical interest and habits.More than 50% of the citizens pointed out that the fitness app has an incentive and supervision effect on sports.(3)The extensive use of fitness apps has enhanced the awareness of sports in Nanning citizens and mobilized the enthusiasm of citizens for physical exercise;although fitness apps did not make a particularly big change in Nanning's sports attitude,but use fitness classes.After the app,the citizens of Nanning City generally have a positive attitude towards physical exercise and the fitness attitude of male citizens is generally better than that of women.The more time and the number of times users insist on using "CODOON" app,the more awareness of the movement of citizens The stronger and more motivated,this shows that the fitness app has a positive effect on the sports attitude of the citizens of Nanning.(4)The users of the fitness app have significantly improved their sports behavior compared with the citizens of Nanning who do not use the app.It can be seen that the use of fitness apps has also promoted the development of sports behaviors of citizens in Nanning.Male citizens are relative to female citizens.It is said that the change of sports behavior after using the fitness app is more significant;the development of sports behavior of Nanning citizens is affected by the length and frequency of using fitness apps,and the relationship between them is positively correlated.
Keywords/Search Tags:fitness app, citizen of Nanning, attitude and behavior of physical exercise, influence, Internet +, national fitness
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