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A Study On The Use Of Outdoor Fitness Group's Fitness App And Physical Exercise Behavior From The Internet+Perspective

Posted on:2021-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S W ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330620469347Subject:Theories and methods of sports special training
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With the rise of national fitness as a national strategy,the large-scale holding of running,marathon and other activities has made fitness an important part of people's daily lives.With the development of the Internet era,fitness has also emerged,and a large variety of fitness apps have been generated.The Internet and other big data information are used in the field of national fitness,to conduct health risk assessments for all people,and use fitness apps and smart fitness The facilities are connected and scientific and reasonable fitness guidance is proposed to truly achieve the purpose of sports fitness.The use of the Internet for comprehensive evaluation and analysis has officially opened the era of intelligent fitness for all people,so that people can enjoy high-quality basic public sports services when they go out of their homes.This paper investigates and analyzes the use of fitness APPs by outdoor running groups in Nanchang,the development process of physical exercise behaviors,and fitness APPs by means of literature data,questionnaire surveys,mathematical statistics,logical analysis,and interviews.And draw the following conclusions:1.The fitness APP market has greater market influence,vitality and vitality,and a solid mass foundation.2.Understand the functional characteristics of the fitness APP,which will help users to make better use of the functions of the fitness APP for fitness exercises.The high demand for fitness APP users,simple operation,intuitive interface,etc.are important factors for outdoor runners to choose.3.After the outdoor running group uses the fitness app,there is an upward trend in exercise time,exercise frequency,exercise intensity,etc.The overall is relatively stable,the overall physical exercise behavior has changed significantly,the overall level has risen and the difference is significant,which illustrates this APPs can effectively cultivate people's good habits in physical exercise.4.The user incentives for fitness apps are more to help users overcome their inertia,which is of great help to the user's motivation and habit development.The users of fitness apps can also play a sticky role in physical exercise.In terms of exercise motivation,there is a clear difference between the exercise motivation before and after using the fitness app.The outdoor running group uses the fitness appto participate in physical exercise activities,more from external motivation.Need external stimulation and intervention,attract through fitness apps,and promote their physical activity.5.Before and after the outdoor running group uses the fitness app,there are significant differences in the recognition of exercise volume,exercise effect,and exercise method,which generally has a positive impact.It has played a role in promoting outdoor running group exercise,but also played a positive and effective role in promoting;improve the quality of sports.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fitness APP, physical exercise behavior, physical exercise, national fitness, outdoor running group, Nanchang City
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